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Why choose us for your testimonial video production company?

We're known for being able to draw out compelling, enthusiastic and heart-felt testimonials. 

Greg Ball, President and lead Director/Producer testimonial video production company
Greg Ball, Greg Ball, President and Lead Director/Producer

We've created outstanding testimonial videos for a wide variety of companies of all sizes. At Ball Media Innovations, we know how to put the interviewee at ease. And we're known for our ability to get great soundbites for video marketing purposes.

Greg Ball, President of Ball Media Innovations and lead director/producer, is known for his highly effective interview skills. With Greg's ability to help his interviewees feel comfortable, he's able to lead and draw out the best comments.

Greg uses a variety of techniques to craft a great testimonial video. We edit these videos into professional quality marketing tools that can be used on social media, websites, YouTube, etc. Check out this client review:


"Working with Greg Ball and Ball Media brought an unmistakably new level of professionalism to our message and product. For starters, Greg's interview expertise elicited material from our supporters that we were not even aware existed, thus creating and invaluable asset for our organization on its own merit. Then, in post production, Greg worked with us until the product was right on. I could not be more pleased with the completed project. Thanks Greg!"

Sean Sullivan Jacques Island satisfied client for video productionSean Sullivan, Psy.D.
Chief of Psychology
Today College Tour, Inc.


"Ball Media did a great job helping us gather testimonial videos. They were professional, organized, and very adaptable to our project's changing needs. It was overall a clear and direct experience that led to a quality end product. Greg was also very communicative and able to provide us with the perfect services for our particular needs. Thank you!"

Jean Baptiste testimonial client Jean-Baptiste Ribieras
Marketing Associate
International Baccalaureate

Who do we serve with our video testimonial services?

We serve small local businesses to large international corporations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Orlando. Ball Media Innovations maintains a 5-Star rating, and we're known for our outstanding service. Small or large productions and projects are welcome.

Testimonial videos can really work when done well.

Testimonial video production company services interview set During the sales process, it's essential to give potential buyers information. This information should help them desire to buy and earn their trust. That’s where video testimonials come into play.

With video testimonials, viewers can read the body language of the interviewee and hear passion in the voice. They can make a decision on the sincerity and enthusiasm of the person sharing their thoughts. They can hear about real life experiences. They'll be able to base their decision on more information and queues than what they would get with just the written word. When it comes to engaging and converting a potential customer into a current customer, nothing beats video.

Whether it’s a video posted on your website or used in social media, a well-made video has the elements needed to capture a viewer’s attention. At Ball Media, we know how to craft these videos so that they're effective and compelling.

Remember, it's all about trust.

Potential customers tend to feel that they can trust their peers. Video testimonials can be highly persuasive in this way, if they're done right.

Testimonial videos offer Social proof!

What is social proof? "Social proof is a psychological and social phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of others...". It's all about trust and influence. Testimonials from satisfied customers endorsing your products or services will build social proof. They will influence potential customers to take the leap to buy.

Man on the street interview video production testimonials Social proof is the foundation of building trust with customers in your company, brand, products and services. Having actual customers on camera, talking about the positive impacts your product or service has had, is an amazing endorsement. You simply can’t buy that type of positive publicity.

Top reasons for using video testimonials:

• They provide believable, social proof that you deliver.
• Testimonials are one of the best ways to build trust in your company.
• Hearing a “real customer” tell his or her story is more powerful than any other method of influence.

Our Testimonial Video Production Company gets Results for Our Clients!

The approach we take at Ball Media Innovations is based on our extensive experience producing a multitude of testimonial videos. That is what has helped build our reputation as one of the best testimonial video production companies in the USA.

testimonial video production services We’re a big believer in testimonial videos. Most people search for testimonial videos before committing to making a purchase. This has helped boost YouTube to the second-largest search engine. You can be sure your competition is posting testimonial videos on YouTube, and you should be as well. The bottom line is, potential customers prefer watching a testimonial video over reading someone’s comments.

Our directors know how to produce testimonial videos that show your company in the best possible way. It’s thanks to years of experience getting the best sound bites.

Preparing for an Interview Video

There are some key things you want to do prior to having a testimonial video produced. Our production team will help you throughout the entire process, using our experience to plan, shoot and edit your video. We’ll also prepare your interviewee for the interview. That can include developing meaningful questions and ensuring that their responses are engaging and have the impact you’re looking to achieve. During the shoot, we'll help draw out the soundbites that can make a positive impact.

Let’s Get Started

The best way to begin the process of producing testimonial videos is to give us a call. We’d be happy to share relevant video demos with you and talk about cost estimates. There's no obligation, of course! Simply click on the link below to contact us and get the process started.