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We Create Highly Effective Videos for manufacturing Companies!

Greg Ball, President of Ball Media InnovationsIt starts with Greg Ball, President of BMI. He's considered an expert at creating videos for business purposes, and has extensive experience working with manufacturing companies. 

Prior to starting BMI, Greg was employed by major national and international corporations. He worked closely with their operations, marketing, public relations, training, human resources and communications departments to produce successful videos seen around the world.

When you choose BMI, you'll have the benefit of his experience and knowledge.  

We welcome any size budget or company - Small or large companies and projects receive the same great service and attention.

Types of Manufacturer Videos We Produce Include:

Miami video production company shooting a manufacturing company video

  • Plant and Facility Videos - These are effective for web use, social media, marketing, sales, public relations, investor relations, training, etc. A video can save money by bringing the facility to customers, employees, franchisees, investors and media representatives, rather than bringing them to the facility.
  • Training Videos - For employees, including demonstration of equipment operation and safety techniques.
  • Trade Show Videos - Bring your facility and manufacturing processes to the trade show floor.
  • Website Videos - For marketing, sales, training, demonstrations, etc. A well done web video says to the viewer that you're a quality company.
  • Manufacturing Cycle of a Product - For use in sales, training, on your website, etc.
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Event Coverage - For meetings, conferences, and live events such as a new facility opening or product launching.
  • New Product Announcements
  • Anything you need!

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    When you hire BMI, you'll receive the benefit of our:

    Miami video production shoot for a Manufacturing company

    In-depth knowledge of business and manufacturing concepts for video: We understand business and training concepts, and we know how to make your videos effective.

    We know how to get great video of a working manufacturing plant: We know how to get the footage and sound you need without disrupting your business.

    Outstanding local, national and international crews: Do you have plants outside of Florida? We offer proven crews throughout the world.

    Exceptional, personal service: Our clients find that we give them a great experience. We value your business and we want you to use us again and again. Small or large, your video will receive our full attention!

    best value of miami video production companiesA budget friendly option. We'll work within your budget, and you'll get more value for your money!

    We serve clients in the South Florida, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Orlando areas, as well as national and international clients with crews available throughout the country and the world. Check out our client testimonials.

    “Greg and his team did an awesome job. Our video looks great (, it was done quickly, and it was a pleasure to work with Greg and his team. His turn key, one stop solution was the right fit for us. Highly recommended."

    Steve Dawson client of Miami Video Production Company Ball MediaSteven E. Dawson
    Executive Vice President of Sales
    CGI Impact Resistant Windows & Doors

    Video Production for Manufacturing Companies in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Orlando areas

    This photo was taken from a video Ball Media Innovations, Inc. produced for a manufacturing company. 

    If your manufacturing company is located in South Florida, check out our Miami Video Production Company information. If it's located in the Central Florida area, please take a moment to visit our Orlando Video Production Company page.