We'll team up with you to design videos that work effectively for your business. We're uniquely qualified to do this. Out of all Miami video production companies, we're the ONLY one with people who have business, marketing and training education and experience. We also have highly qualified medical focused crews and live event crews.

We Create High-Quality Affordable Videos.  

We serve start-ups to established companies, and small local companies to large international. Many are companies based in Miami as well as in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, South Florida & Orlando. 


We do it all! Ball Media Innovations is a full-service video production & post-production company. We offer script writing, production, editing, video and film translation/dubbing/subtitling, animation and even studio design. Visit here to learn more about our services.

High-Quality & Affordable Video!

We keep our prices affordable, yet we don't skimp on quality. You'll see that our crew members all have many years of experience. Our people are the best of the best. Plus we'll stick to your budget.  And we won't skimp on service either. You'll enjoy the experience.

Plus our artists and technicians are all in the USA. This means you'll find our service quicker. We're also able to communicate with them more effectively, so you get what you want!

How Do We Work?

The process is easy and efficient. Our first priority is to learn about you. For example, we'd look at your brand, your products or services and the people you serve. We want to understand your goals. Now we're ready to come up with a strategy and plan for creating a great video for you.

Are you unsure about what you need? We're happy to advise you based on your budget, your audience, and the ultimate goal of your video. Give us a call and we'd be happy to chat about your project.


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Our Video Production Clients Consistently Rave About Us!

Since 2002 our focus has been on creating sensational customer service. We want you happy and returning! Our clients find that we go beyond their expectations. Compared to other Miami video production companies, we consistently hear that our service is the best! For example, you can expect speedy response times, along with pleasant and respectful demeaners. You know the saying: Do unto others as you'd like them to do unto you... We live by that. Read our customer service policies here.

  • "Ball Media Innovations is a first-class company that has the 'we will do what it takes to be sure you are pleased' philosophy that is unfortunately rare to find these days... they are first-class professionals. Every product has been of the highest quality. I feel extremely comfortable recommending Ball Media..."

  • "The professionalism they showed was unsurpassed. They were a delightful group of people to do business with. Ball Media far exceeded my expectations in all areas... They made me feel at ease, did everything professionally, and without any stress or attitude... I look forward to doing future media projects with Ball Media."

  • "Greg and his team deliver a superior product at a value that can't be matched. Greg far exceeded my expectations with his professionalism and talent... He was able to pick up the project with little instruction and delivered exactly what we needed... I highly recommend Greg and Ball Media Innovations..."

Miami Video Production Companies - Why we're at the top! 

When it comes to small, medium and large businesses and Medical Organizations, Ball Media Innovations brings you more value. 

Quality, Quality, Quality! Look around the area and you'll see that most Miami video production companies don't cater to businesses and the medical community as we do. When it comes to quality, you deserve the most experienced, knowledgeable and strategic group. We can offer you support in ways that other companies can't.

Also, other companies cut corners by using inexperienced crew members, They also use artists or technicians from outside the USA, etc. This can reduce the quality of your videos, while slowing down the process. This can be discouraging.

You can be sure that with us, you'll get A-List crew members and top USA based artists every single time.

Superior service! We've gotten a lot of feedback over the years. Great, customer oriented service is rare among Miami video production companies. Some companies don't keep their commitments. We do - EVERY time. We work go give our clients incomparable service in every way. You'll see the difference.

Remember. We stay within your budget and there are no surprises with us!