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Since 2002 we've designed shows that get great results for businesses. Also for the medical community! We'll work with you to create effective video strategies that help you reach your target market. They can teach, persuade, convert, and create profit. We work with small businesses, mid to large-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 companies.

Organizations and budgets of all sizes are welcome! Of all the best video production companies in Miami, we're the ones most equipped to help bring you success. See what our clients say about us here.

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Miami video production companies business solution videosTo our knowledge, we're the ONLY Miami video production company with people who have business and training education. Also hands-on real-life business and corporate experience.  For example, Greg Ball, President of Ball Media ran Burger King World Headquarter's Video Communications Department for many years. He completed MBA level courses as well as training courses.  

What does this mean for you? We know how to apply these skills to increase the effectiveness of your videos. We offer this extra value to you with no extra costs. And we offer competitive pricing. READ ABOUT US...

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Our goal is to give you an easy, pleasant experience. We consistently go above and beyond expectations. Compared to other Miami video production companies, our service is above and beyond. This includes excellent communication such as fast responses, along with friendly and respectful behavior. We treat you as we'd like to be treated. Please read more about our customer service policies here.

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The Best of Miami Video Production Companies, we provide service throughout South Florida. 

Outstanding Service: Of all the video production companies in Miami and in the surrounding areas, we're well-known for great service. We're committed to serving you consistently with excellent personal service.  We understand that your happiness means everything. So we make it our business to make you happy! All the time. Now check out more of our client testimonials to see what our clients say about us.

Outstanding Crews: Most video production companies in Miami and surrounding areas are sending out crew members who are basically newbies or just beyond that. So this means you'll end up with a poor quality video because it saves them money. Not us. We only use highly experienced, top-of-the-line team members on every project. We'd rather make less profit in order to keep our standards high. You'll see and experience the difference.

Most of our video crews have shot for TV and movies, and all of them have worked for many years within the corporate video world. They're all managed by Greg Ball, who has over 25 years of success in the corporate video world. This is what makes us top among Miami video production companies. Click Here to check out our team.

Happy Clients: Here's a tip. Make sure any company you're considering is showing testimonials from real customers. We add photos, full names, and job positions to the testimonials on our website. So that you know they're real. We can also have you talk to other clients if you'd like. This should be a given!

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