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Affordable & High-Quality Video Editing Services

Our video editing company serves clients throughout the USA with competitive & affordable pricing. We have a proven track record, making us the company you can trust. We work with clients of all sizes and types!

You'll find our process super easy. We're located in Florida, with only USA based people working on your project. This means you'll experience an easy and efficient process. 

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Hire Your Very Own Professional Editor!

Your project will be handled by a highly experienced USA based video director/editor. Plus you'll have complete access to your editor by phone, email and texts. You'll experience quick turnarounds, excellent service and great communication. 

Some of our video editing services include: 

  • Color Correction
  • Motion Graphics
  • Sequence assembly
  • Voice Over Announcers
  • Translation
  • Dubbing
  • Subtitling
  • Captions
  • Jump cuts
  • Titles
  • Lower Thirds
  • Speed Ramping
  • Key Framing
  • Cinematic Look
  • Advanced Transitions
  • Text Animations
  • Overlays
  • Stabilization
  • Zooms
  • Music & SFX  
  • Sound Design & Mixing
  • Noise Cancelation
  • Color Grading
  • Green screen

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Our Video Editing Services include Everything You Need!

We can create your videos by using:

  • Stock footage (we can provide this)
  • Stock photos (we can provide this)
  • Your videos (if you have them)
  • Your slides (including PowerPoint if you have them)
  • Your photos (if you have them)

Our skilled editor will design your video with quality editing. This includes everything from transitions, music, titles and voice narration to animations. And we can write a script or tweak yours for video effectiveness. We can even translate your video into almost any language!

Watch Some Of Our Video Editing Company Demos Below

Our Video Editing Company offers you the following Services:

Stock Photos & Videos
stock photo and video editing companies services

voice over for video editing services

Color Correction
color correction for video editing companies services

Royalty Free Music
music for video editing companies services

Script Writing
script writing for video editing services

Sound Correction color correction for video editing companies services

Sound Effects

sound effects for video editing services

2D & 3D Animation

3D and 2D animation for video editing services

Speed & Slow Motion

slow motion and speed ramping for video editing services

Translation & Dubbing

translation and dubbing for video editing services

Scene Transitions

scene transitions for video editing services

Graphics & Lower Thirds

lower thirds for video editing services

Shooting Your Own Videos?

You'll Receive Personal Coaching at No Additional Charge!

If you're shooting your own videos, or using a site like Zoom? In that case, when you hire Ball Media, we'll be happy to coach you. We'll share simple techniques with you that only experienced videographers use. You'll be able to shoot higher quality video. 

So here's some of what our video editing company can help you do:

  • Choose the equipment to use.
  • Get the best video and audio quality.
  • Pick what to wear and what not to wear.
  • Frame your pictures.
  • Connect better with your audience.
  • Gain credibility with your audience.
  • Appear and sound as natural as possible.
  • ...and more.

To sum it up, when you hire us as your video editing company, you'll get more for your dollar.

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  • "It was my first experience making a video and the process was fantastic. They worked with me, it was streamlined, and every aspect of the journey was bump free. I have plans for more videos and they will be the ones to provide them".

  • "I've worked with many large media groups in the past but won't look further than Ball Media in the future. The quality, response, and collaboration was on par with larger companies as substantially greater value. Thanks Greg!"

  • "We had contacted several companies to bid our project, and Greg was by far the most thorough in his response and his rates were competitive. He brought to our awareness things we didn't think about, which made the project better than we were expecting. And in the end, Ball Media delivered a quality product."

  • "It was a pleasure to work with Greg and Ball Media! We gave him a logistically complex project to complete within a short timeframe and he went the extra mile to make sure he delivered. This was the first time we organized a virtual global conference for our finance organization and his help in engaging with and advising presenters across several countries really helped make it a successful event. He was very accommodating of any requests or changes we made along the way and we were very happy with the final result."

The person that edits your video matters!

We're the Best Video Editing Company because of our people & service!

What will your video viewers notice when they watch your video?

When you watch a video, on a sub-conscious level, you can always tell if it's been created by a professional editor, or not. You may not know exactly why, but you know.

Watch the video on the right to learn more about how our video editing company can help you make great videos!

Watch This Video. Find Why You’ll Want To Choose Us!

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What will your video viewers notice when they watch your video?

When you watch a video, on a subconscious level, you can always tell if it's been created by a professional editor or not. You may not know exactly why, but you know.

So this means that WHO you get to edit your video will make a difference. 

Also, suppose two editors work with the same footage. The results can be drastically different. One can look polished and smooth, while the other video could seem hokey and amateurish. Our professional video editors know how to get you that great result you're hoping for. 

With us, your videos will have a greater chance of success! And it's affordable!

Who will edit your video?

When you hire Ball Media Innovations, you'll be working with a highly experienced video producer/director/editor. Currently, Greg Ball, President of Ball Media Innovations, works with all of our editing clients. With Greg, you're in fantastic hands! He has over 25 years of editing experience. Before starting Ball Media, Greg ran Burger King World Headquarters video communications department. During that time, and since then, he has created videos seen all around the world. Consequently, he will use all of this experience and knowledge to bring your project to life. And clients consistently say they enjoy working with him! It's a relaxed and fun experience. 

Greg is a great video storyteller. Moreover, he's known as an expert in video for business, training and medical purposes. For this reason, he can help you create more effective videos through post-production techniques.

Is your video non-business and more of a personal nature?

Greg is outstanding at editing video for personal purposes. He knows how to tell your story. And he has a knack for eliciting emotion from the viewer through the post-production process. You'll see the difference!

In summary, all of the above is part of what makes Ball Media Innovations the top company for video editing services.

professional video editing company - post production services

Plus, we're all in the U.S.A. and we only use professional U.S.A. based video editors.

Most of our competitors use out-of-country-editors, or they're actually based outside the USA. As a result, communication during the process will be slow, difficult or even non-existent. When you try getting a hold of your editor, there will be frustration. Many companies with in-country editors use editors that lack experience and training. And they may not be available to have direct conversations with you. Ever. 

Meanwhile, with us, you'll experience a smooth and easy process with the best service out there.

You'll have phone, text and email access to your editor. We can even use Zoom if needed. Your editor will be highly experienced and skilled. We'll spend time determining what your vision is. We'll work towards giving you a professional video that meets or exceeds your hopes. These are some of the reasons why our video editing company is #1 for video editing services.

We Edit YouTube Videos - Business Videos - Podcasts - Website Videos - Personal Event Videos -  Testimonials - Sports - Real Estate Videos - Vlogs - etc.

First, we take your raw footage from any camera. Even from your iPhone camera. We work with it on professional level video editing systems to craft an effective video. And as we edit, we can help you project whatever mood and message you're trying to achieve with your video. For example, if it's sales or marketing, we can help make your videos more compelling. Or if it's training, we understand training techniques and can increase the effectiveness of your videos. If it's a story or event, we can help you share the experience to the fullest.

Are you a video editing company that has a backlog?

Then we can help you clear it! When you outsource your videos to us you'll love the results!