Why Choose our Video Production Company?

We're Florida's leading corporate and business video experts from Miami to Orlando. There is no other company like us. We've been successfully serving small to mid-size businesses, large international corporations, and organizations of all sizes since 2002. You'll experience the difference!

First, Meet Greg Ball, President of Ball Media Innovations.

Greg will be the person managing your project, and for most projects, he'll act as the Director as well. 

Greg has the knowledge, experience, and education to tailor your videos so that they:

  • Effectively reach and connect with your target market.
  • Move your target market to action.
  • Help you meet and/or exceed your business goals.
  • Help contribute towards a positive and professional company image.

In addition to MBA level business courses, on the job training, and other formal training programs, Greg has the creativity and insight to create business videos that really work. Here's why:

Greg Ball expert in video production for corporations and businessesBMI was founded by Greg Ball over 16 years ago as a corporate video production company. Just before starting BMI, Greg ran Burger King World Headquarters' Worldwide Video Communications department.

For many over 13 years, he worked closely with their PR, marketing, training, operations, human relations, and franchisee relations departments.

Greg created strategic videos seen throughout the world that contributed to the success of the Burger King Brand. Within that company, he had a reputation for making even the most mundane topics come alive. He was also known for his ability to strategize, to see the big picture, and to design videos that helped these departments succeed in reaching their goals. Since then he's done that for hundreds of clients, and he'll do that for you!

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Here's what you get when you hire Ball Media Innovations:

  • We ONLY use top-notch, highly experienced, professional, and creative crew members, technicians, and artists. This is not true of most of our competition. We also have specialty crews for live events, medical topics, manufacturing, etc. Click Here to read more about our crew members, what makes them so different, and what makes us your best video production company choice.
  • You'll end up with a high quality video. Every time!
  • Large or small organizations and projects get the same great service and quality. 

Our crews are based in South Florida and Central Florida. If you're in the South Florida area, please take a moment to visit our Miami video production company page. If you're in Central Florida, check out our Orlando video production company page. We Serve Miami - Fort Lauderdale - Palm Beach - Orlando - South Florida - Central Florida.