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We offer accurate translation and subtitling services for nearly any language! And that's true whether your subtitling topic is simple or complex. Professional quality subtitling is essential to the success of your video or film. This high quality only happens when the people working on your project have excellent language skills and an in-depth understanding. Clients love our video subtitling company!

We Offer Native Speaking Translation Teams With Expertise In:

  • Cultural and idiomatic expressions
  • Cultural norms
  • Customs
  • Ethnic groups
  • And more...

Authenticity, Quality & Affordable Rates

Most of our translation team members are based in the country of the target language. Or they originate from there. They all provide nuanced and accurate video translation, video subtitles and film subtitles. In addition, our full-service video production and post-production company has amazing technicians. They are capable and experienced in every phase of the translation and subtitling production process. You'll receive expert high-quality film and video subtitling services.

Many translation languages - video subtitling services for english, spanish, german, french, russian, chinese, russian and japanese Your best choice for translation and film/video subtitling services & closed captioning for:

check mark for video translation subtitles subtitlingTelevision & Movies

check mark for video translation subtitles subtitlingTraining

check mark for video translation subtitles subtitlingCorporate & Business Subjects

check mark for video translation subtitles subtitlingDocumentary Style Shows

check mark for video translation subtitles subtitlingAnything and everything you want subtitled!


More about our closed captioning services for video and film:

Closed captioning is similar to subtitling but it's an exact, verbatim transcript of what's being said on screen. We follow the FCC Guidelines for Closed Captioning in the USA. And we can accommodate most specifications for captioning outside the USA.

We've had only very happy film and video subtitling & translation services clients!

Our experts have subtitled video and film for clients in just about every kind of arena. This is including education, business and corporate oriented subjects, medical videos, technical videos, TV ads, TV shows and major motion pictures. These film and video subtitling services clients have included:

Logos for film and  video subtitling company services -  translation

  • translation video and film best company“My company hired Ball Media to produce a Spanish-dubbed edition of a parenting education video series. What initially set our focus on Ball was the cost-effectiveness of their proposal, but upon talking to Greg, I was immediately impressed by his knowledgeability in the field and his professional, personable manner.

    From the beginning, he was always ready to explain technical issues, present the advantages and disadvantages of various methods, and respond to our concerns. He made an effort to learn exactly what we needed and what was important to us, and then came up with several options for how he could meet those needs. Over the course of the project, he demonstrated numerous times his commitment to quality and professionalism, often going the extra mile to solve problems. I really appreciate how Greg took ownership of the project, and it shows in the finished product. We are very happy with the quality of the video he produced for us."

  • "Ball Media Innovations provided outstanding services for taking a Conservation Montgomery video series produced in English and translating it to Spanish, then Chinese.  The company was prompt, extremely professional and delivered the final products in a timely manner.  Both the quality of the work and service from the company exceeded our expectations.  Greg Ball was a delight to work with; he kept the projects moving along and made sure we were well informed about the status along the way.  I would recommend Ball Media Innovations to anyone in need of this type of work."

  • translation video and film best company"I chose Ball Media for our translation partner based on their experience and the professionalism... Ball Media met our deadlines and the constant communication and quick responses were appreciated… Working with Ball Media made our job easy... Great work!"

  • translation video and film best company“Ball Media was very professional in the translation services provided for our film. They were tremendous in the speed and quality of the translation and subtitling, and even took extra steps to help us troubleshoot a few issues on our end. I would recommend them for anyone looking for the services they provide.”

Our clients recommend us for subtitling services because we consistently provide:

  • Appropriate Nuances and Complete Accuracy
  • Subtitles That are Perfectly Timed
  • Quality and Professional Level Production Value
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • A Seamless, Easy and Smooth Process
  • "Above and Beyond" Service

You'll be happy you chose BMI for your film and video translation and subtitling services needs because you'll have the benefit of more than 25 years of proven success.

Our company headquarters is in the USA — It's far better for you!

USA American based translation and video subtitling services companyMany translation companies are headquartered overseas. This can create challenges. Our headquarters is in the Miami - Fort Lauderdale area. This means that you'll have easy communication, and no time delays or international fees. You'll work with a company you can research and trust. And you'll end up with a single invoice in U.S. dollars. We're top among video subtitling companies. 


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