You'll have only A-list people working on your videos!

Each person in your crew, your artists and editor, will be highly experienced with a proven background in your realm. We also have specialty crews for live events, medical videos, corporate videos, manufacturing videos, etc.


Let's start with the head of BMI, Greg Ball.

Greg is our primary producer/director. He has a reputation for creating highly successful business, corporate, medical, event and organizational videos. Before founding BMI, Greg managed Burger King Corporation's Worldwide Video Communications department for many years. 

Greg is regarded as an expert at producing videos for training, marketing and all business purposes. He's also considered an expert at producing quality event videos, such as for conferences, conventions and trade shows.

His level of know-how is seldom found in the video industry!

For businesses, Greg has comprehensive knowledge, and a wide range of experience.

For example, he's produced videos for sales, training, PR, marketing, speaker support, advertising, corporate communications, human resources, fundraising, employee motivation, franchisee relations, live events, etc.

Add his experience and background, along with his communications degree and MBA level courses, and you get someone who's unusually qualified to create fantastic videos that achieve your goals.

The recognition Greg has received includes:Greg Ball and the King Marketing video production

  • Being voted into the "Top 100 Producers" in the national magazine, Video Systems.
  • Winning the Telly Award.
  • Being featured in top industry trade magazines such as Markee Magazine and Create Magazine.

Greg is also a featured expert writer on the topic of video production for,, and He  has the rare combination of business sense and boundless creativity. He's known for his ability to take his clients' videos to the next level, while staying within their budgets.

Clients find Greg easy to work with! 

They say that the experience of working with Greg is consistently positive, pleasant and rewarding. Here's one of those testimonials:

"Working with Greg is a Partnership in the truest sense of the word. From project inception to delivery, his appreciation for the client's vision and needs are evident; his creativity and editorial skills are among the best. He is simply an artist at what he does."

Gale Hargrove Miami video production Company clientGayle Hargrove
Director of Marketing Communications
Ryder System, Inc.

You'll have true Expert Crews, Artists & Technicians

You'll have some of the best technicians and artists in the industry working on your project. They're exceptionally competent, creative, highly experienced and very motivated to do exceptional work for you. All of our crew members have worked extensively on business and corporate videos, and the majority of them have also worked on TV shows and movies. See below for our other specialties.

When you hire BMI, you'll see a LARGE difference in the quality of your shows, and your experience will be smoother and easier.

Our crews are just right for your needs. You can be confident that those working on your video will have proven track records doing similar work, with extensive histories of success.

For example, we have:

video production shoot with Ball Media Crew

Marketing and Advertising

Our crew members fit right in to your particular environment and culture.

When they arrive at your location you'll notice that they behave appropriately and professionally, whether they're shooting the CEO of a company, capturing a manufacturing or installation process, shooting a medical procedure or a live event.

National & international service is available.

In addition to our outstanding local crews in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Orlando areas, we have outstanding and proven resources throughout the nation and the world. We partner with an international crewing company that we've personally worked with for over 20 years to bring you the best.

We can shoot at your location, in a studio, or almost anywhere in the world!

If your shoot is outside of South or Central Florida, we can either travel to your location with our Florida crew, or we can provide local experienced crews almost anywhere in the world. The result is always the same. Great quality and a successful project for you!

We're known for consistent, outstanding, personal customer service!

Throughout the process we do what it takes to show you that we value your business. Honesty, integrity and professionalism describe our company and personal values, and our clients trust us because of it!

About Us at Ball Media Innovations 3 We deliver quick, clear and friendly communication.

We consistently return all of our clients' calls and emails as quickly as humanly possible. Also, we believe in good manners, and we respect our clients. You'll experience that with us in every phase of the process.

Our goal is to make you and your company look good and to help you reach your goals!

We actively seek to achieve this in a wide variety of ways. We don't care about receiving recognition. You'll notice that we don't put our name in your video's credits. We want you to receive all the recognition for a job well done. Your success is our success!

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