Virtual Meeting Management
Advanced Zoom Meetings, Presentations & Product Demonstrations

Zoom Meeting Management Virtual

Bring your virtual meetings up to a whole new level!

We can take your virtual meetings way beyond the standard built-in platform tools. When we manage your meetings we can add high-end production features and quality to your existing Zoom meetings.

By merging state-of-the-art live event and video production equipment with today’s virtual meeting workspaces, we act as a “middle-man” in the meeting.

We take your video/audio and content, bring it into our production environment, and then send it back out to your audience. You and your presenters won’t need any additional equipment or training!

Watch this video to the right for a quick and easy way to see what we can do for you.

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Meeting Production Team in Action!

Meeting Production Team in Action!

Let us do the following for you: 

  • Host your meeting.
  • Manage your content.
  • Guide your presenters.
  • Simultaneously translate into almost any language.
  • Create and integrate video, PowerPoint slides and graphics for your meetings.
  • Provide a professional video crew if needed, to capture and stream your meeting.
  • Record and edit your meetings for future use. 
  • Wow your audience!

For more details take a look below!

Live video shoot with streaming.

Live video shoot with streaming.

Virtual Meeting Management

We’ll take care of everything so that it’s easy for you! This can include:

  • Hosting
  • Invite/scheduling management
  • Participant management
  • Multi-track/angle recording of both audio and video

Content Creation/Preparation

We can create content for you from scratch or we can edit existing content for your presentations. This can include video, PowerPoint slides, graphics, etc.

We can create video using your footage and photos, and/or stock footage and stock photos. We have crews that can shoot around the country as well.

Content Management

We can coordinate, curate and playback your content during the meeting. We help everything go smoothly and easily for you.

Enhanced Visual Setups

Virtual Meeting ManagementWe’ll enhance the look of your meeting. For example, we can add mult-box video feeds, split screens showing the speakers and the PowerPoint slides. We can show multiple things on the screen at one time. We can even have the look and style of the video reflect your branding with your logo, colors, etc. PIP?

Meeting Broadcasting

We can simultaneously broadcast the entire meeting on multiple platforms at one time. This can include:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Facebook
  • Twitch
  • etc.

Virtual meeting management Medical slideSimultaneous Language Translations

We can offer this translation service in almost any language. In addition to any other service, this option will allow your viewers to select a language from a drop-down menu. Translators can be remote.

Some languages we translate:

Spanish (Latin America) | Spanish (Spain) | French (Europe) | French (Canadian) | German | Italian | Portuguese (Brazil) | Portuguese (Portugal) | Russian | Japanese | Korean | Vietnamese | Tai | Dutch | Hungarian | Czech | Swedish | Turkish | Hebrew | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese | Cantonese | Hindi | ...and more!

Zoom meeting managementPersonal Coaching

We'll be happy to help you shoot the best video you can by sharing simple techniques that only experienced videographers use. We can help you with things like:

  • What equipment to use.
  • How to get the best video and audio quality.
  • What to wear and what not to wear.
  • How to frame your pictures.
  • How to connect better with your audience.
  • How to gain credibility with your audience.
  • How to appear and sound as natural as possible.
  • ...and more.

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