9 ways to use video marketing in 2018

9 Ways Videos Are Being Used to Boost Sales in 2018

Video marketing is booming in 2018! Video is being used more then ever by savvy businesses to reach and convert new customers. In our Florida video production company that serves Miami to Orlando, we’re seeing a surge in video production…

Miami editing editor post production suite

Clients: How to Save Money & Time in the Editing Process

Optimizing the Editing Process To Save Our Clients Time and Money By Greg Ball, President of BMI The editing process refined: Your time and money is precious, and there are a number of ways that a well organized post production…

Branding and picking a spokesperson for your video production

Branding – How to Pick a Video Spokesperson

Enhancing Your Company Branding By Picking the Right Video Spokesperson By Greg Ball, President of BMI Many businesses decide to produce a video or series of videos for their websites or YouTube channel that are designed to build or grow…

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