Tips for Creating Effective Advertising Videos For Your Startup

Video advertising is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Video marketing can help to boost your startup and gain considerable traction for your brand. In short, video advertising can effectively enhance your brand's recognition and increase your sales. In fact, a good majority of customers prefer watching videos over any other type of advertisement.

Video marketing is popular for many reasons. For one, customers love to watch short, captivating videos with clear messaging and compelling storytelling. We recommend leveraging the power of video advertisements to enhance your startup's reach. To learn how to ensure that you make the most out of your video marketing strategy, here are six methods to incorporate so you can create effective advertising to boost your startup. Let's get started.

1. Personalize

video advertising tips for startups personalize There is a misconception that online video ads use the same strategies as traditional video ads, but it is important to note the key differences between these two different forms of advertising. Traditional video ads or display signs target a more broad audience and very rarely narrow down their reach for specific consumers. It's a different approach with online video advertising, as you can get more specific information about your target audience. This allows you to do a deep dive into analyzing the trends, likes, and preferences of your desired audience. You can even go beyond the basic demographics, like age and gender, and instead focus on more particular interests.

2. Focus on the first few seconds

With online advertising, you have an incredibly small window of opportunity before a potential customer scrolls past your video, so it’s important your video makes an immediate positive impression. The first couple of seconds of your video are crucial, to instantly grab your viewer's attention. To achieve this, create a video ad with a strong introduction, an intriguing image, or a statement that piques your viewer's interest.

Once you have your potential customer’s attention, the next challenge is to keep a hold of this interest until the end of the video. Thankfully, it becomes much easier to retain their interest once you have already grasped it from the start, so remember to always give a particular dividend to the beginning of your advert. Some ways to do this are to pinpoint a common, relatable issue that would make a viewer want to hear more, share a unique selling proposition about your startup, or simply begin your video by asking relevant questions to intrigue your consumers.

3. Short but sweet

keep your startup advertising video short Being brief and concise is a very effective method to grab and retain a message in a potential customer’s memory. With a shorter video, potential consumers are likely to not only watch the entire video, but recall key elements and messaging from the video. According to Extreme Reach, 66% of online video ads were 30 seconds or lower at the end of 2019. A survey by Invespcro shows that 46% of respondents believe the ideal length of a video ad is under 15 seconds, whereas only 35% voted in favor of the 15–30-second bracket.

We can conclude from these stats that keeping your video ad as short as possible is the optimal way to go. However, a 30-second video is also considered acceptable, depending on how you form your message.


4. Tell a story

Ads nowadays have become over saturated, and to tackle this growing problem, brands have started shifting to a more story-driven approach. A study says 71% of businesses have noticed a spike in interest in storytelling-based ads. These ads received the most engagement with consumers, and were fairly popular as a result.

A storytelling ad should contain a plot with a beginning, a center point, and an end. It needs to be convincing, relatable, and if appropriate, heartwarming to stir up positive emotions and make a lasting impact on the target audience. It may be tricky to create a clear, concise narrative advert in less than a minute, and there's no definite way to do this, but try to make a video that is dynamic and appealing to a viewer's emotions.

5. Brand's Strengths

While storytelling and personalizing sound fun, at some point, you have to add information about your brand. It is crucial that you opt to showcase your brand's strengths, since this is the optimal way to promote your business. Try keeping in mind a couple of things:

  1. Ask yourself why your consumers should be interested in your brand, and then address that reason.
  2. Emphasize the way your brand surpasses your competitors.
  3. Share notable achievements and success stories of your brand.

Addressing these points will help you construct a path on how to adequately promote your achievements in a way that has your audience remember the message and associate it with your brand.

6. Include a CTA

A call to action (CTA) is highly recommended, and it cannot be emphasized how crucial it is. You need to directly address to people what you want them to do. This means being as conspicuous as possible. Hidden messages may get through, but overlooking the message can be pretty easy. The more specific you are, the better.

use a call to action Your video ads aim to motivate and encourage your audience to take quick action, so what better way than to ask them to do so? You can add a CTA via graphics and text, or whatever suits your method of marketing. Let the audience know which website you want them to visit or where they can buy your products.

To conclude, there are a few ways where you can create an effective advertisement video to boost your startup. To begin with, the first few seconds of the video are crucial. These seconds will determine whether a viewer stays to watch the entirety of your video.  In order to make your audience stay, your ad's first few seconds have to be compelling and interesting. In video ads, you can personalize your content to suit your audience's liking and interests. Traditional advertisements are different, as they target a broader demographic, while online video ads cater to more specific preferences. Incorporate storytelling in your video ad because it has been proven to make the most emotional and psychological impact.

It is also vital to keep the whole video short so that the message can remain in their memory. A viewer is likely to forget longer videos, but smaller, compelling stories tend to stay in a potential consumer’s mind for longer. An excellent addition to your video marketing strategy is to state your brand's strengths and what makes your company unique. Finally, it cannot be stressed how crucial it is to add a CTA at the end of every video advertisement you make.

We hope this article has been insightful and that it helps you understand how to create an effective advertisement video. Thank you for reading!

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