Corporate Video Studio Design Consulting & Building Services

Green screen corporate studio design and build consulting services

In-House Studio We Recently Completed for a Florida Company Called ISC²

We design & build custom corporate video production studios anywhere in the USA. From concept to completion, we can design, create and build the perfect studio for YOUR company. Your studio will be based on your exact needs and will fit within your budget and your space.

We provide:

  • Studio design
  • Construction
  • Integration
  • Equipment installation
  • Lighting grid design and installation
  • Wiring
  • Cyclorama design and installation
  • Testing
  • Training

We'll train your people until they're comfortable operating everything. We will also work with your architect and general contractor throughout the process to make sure everything works perfectly together.

With more than 30 years of success, our experienced crew of designers and engineers will deliver white glove services from start to finish. They're experts in converging technology, and will recommend the best equipment for you from world class manufacturers.

"The team delivered nothing less than perfection. We hired Ball Media Innovations to build-out our new corporate video studio because of the expertise this team brought to the table. It was also helpful seeing pictures from previous studios that Ball Media had built out. The entire team was extremely professional, timely and diligent in getting the project completed on time. In-person meetings and constant communication was key. This was essential to every step of the project. They were quick to turn around answers we needed to move the project forward, concerns were addressed and recommendations were provided. As with any major build-out project, its important to maintain budget. Ball Media worked with us in making sure we had the right equipment in place that worked within our budget without sacrificing quality. We are extremely happy with our new studio." 

VIDEO STUDIO BUILDING CLIENT TESTIMONIALDonna Hegwood, Corporate Office & Administrative Services Manager, (ISC)², Inc.

The people who will work on your studio are experts!

Greg Ball, President of Ball Media - Studio designer & builder

Greg Ball, President of Ball Media Innovations will work closely with you.

Whether you're looking for a consultant to help you make important decisions, or you're looking for start to finish services, Greg will work with you throughout the process.

Greg has unique skills. He offers you more than other corporate video studio designers because he's been on both sides of the table. He's worked as a studio designer, and he's also worked in corporate video production as a producer, director and editor. He'll design your studio to be technically effective, to fulfill your business needs, and to achieve your goals. He can do this because he has the insight and experience to ask you the right questions and to come up with the best solutions.

He'll use his experience of over 25 years as a corporate video production professional to help you determine what would be best for you based on: 

Greg Ball in 1993 in the Studio He Designed at Burger King World Headquarters

Greg Ball in 1993 in the Studio He Designed for Burger King World Headquarters

  • The overall goals you have for your studio
  • What you plan to use your studio for, such as interviews, product demonstrations, advertisements, green screen, etc.
  • The business and communications needs of your company
  • The optimal work flow for your staff
  • The expected work load
  • The staff that will work the studio
  • The budget available
  • The space available, and the resources such as electricity, ceiling height, etc.
  • The video approval process
  • Security needs
  • etc.

Our team is highly experienced with proven records of success

We'll provide a team of designers, engineers, suppliers and integrator's that we've worked with over many years. You'll find them easy to work with, and Greg will manage the process to completion so that your experience is smooth and easy with an outcome you'll be pleased with.

As a video producer, director and editor, here are just a few of the other clients that Greg has supported over the years: 

Miami corporate video production company Florida Fort Lauderdale


This is just some of what makes Ball Media Innovations your best choice for studio consulting, design, building and integration.

To get a sense of our level of knowledge and experience, and to see how that can help you, check out a couple of articles on this subject:

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