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We're a top USA based dubbing company for video and film for:

  • Dubbing Movies, TV Shows & Commercials
  • Educational and Training Programs
  • Corporate and Business Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Anything and everything you want dubbed!

We offer dubbing in just about every modern language.


  • translation video and film best company“My company hired Ball Media to produce a Spanish-dubbed edition of a parenting education video series. What initially set our focus on Ball was the cost-effectiveness of their proposal, but upon talking to Greg, I was immediately impressed by his knowledgeability in the field and his professional, personable manner.

    From the beginning, he was always ready to explain technical issues, present the advantages and disadvantages of various methods, and respond to our concerns. He made an effort to learn exactly what we needed and what was important to us, and then came up with several options for how he could meet those needs. Over the course of the project, he demonstrated numerous times his commitment to quality and professionalism, often going the extra mile to solve problems. I really appreciate how Greg took ownership of the project, and it shows in the finished product. We are very happy with the quality of the video he produced for us."

  • “Ball Media was very professional in the translation services provided for our film. They were tremendous in the speed and quality of the translation and subtitling, and even took extra steps to help us troubleshoot a few issues on our end. I would recommend them for anyone looking for the services they provide.”

  • "We have been working with Ball Media for over a year now and the quality of their work has exceeded our expectations. We are always very impressed with the final product and the lip sync is wonderfully accurate and precise. Our learners have really benefited from the quality of their work and we are very grateful with Ball Media for that." 
  • "I chose Ball Media for our translation partner based on their experience and the professionalism... Ball Media met our deadlines and the constant communication and quick responses were appreciated… Working with Ball Media made our job easy... Great work!"

Ball Media Innovations is your most reliable and effective dubbing company!

Our people have dubbed just about every category of video and film including corporate videos, major motion pictures, medical videos, educational videos, documentaries, technical videos, TV shows and ads. Dubbing projects that are small or large receive the same outstanding service, quality and attention!

Clients bring us repeat dubbing business and recommend us because of our:

dubbing translation lip synch

check mark for top video production services for conventionsExperience - We use only highly experienced dubbing professionals including translators, adapters, engineers, directors and voice talent.

check mark for top video production services for conventionsAccuracy - Our translators create nuanced and accurate dubs and translations for everything from simple dialogue to highly technical topics.

check mark for top video production services for conventionsKnowledge - They have in-depth knowledge of cultural influences and norms, customs, idiomatic expressions, and ethnic groups.

check mark for top video production services for conventionsAdvanced Technology - We have the most current hardware and software, designed to produce optimal dubbing.

Here are some more reasons our clients repeatedly recommend us:

  • Our translations are accurate and properly nuanced
  • Our dubbing is well timed
  • Our prices are competitive
  • Our dubs reflect a professional production quality
  • We consistently provide fast turnaround times
  • Our clients experience a smooth and easy process with us
  • We deliver "Above and Beyond" service

Types of dubbing services we offer

Voice Over Narration

We replace the off-camera voice over narrator with a new voice using a different language.

Dubbing with UN style

We leave the original sound (voices and background sounds), but at a dramatically lowered level. An additional voice is then added speaking another language at the full volume. This is frequently used for news and documentary style shows.

Lip Sync

This is the more complex of the dubbing methods. Actors perform the translated script in the new language. At the same time they must match up their dialogue as closely as possible with the original on-screen actor's mouth movements.

When this is performed well, the new voicing will be nearly unnoticeable. If it's poorly performed, it can look unprofessional and even silly. Our dubbing artists and technicians are pros and you'll see that in your video/film.

We're a translation company, a dubbing company,
AND a full service video production company

When it comes to dubbing, you're getting the best of both worlds when you choose Ball Media Innovations. Not only do we bring you expert translation, but we offer you highly experienced production and technical professionals who are capable in every aspect of the dubbing production process. So this means that you'll receive authentic translation and dubbing, along with excellent production value.

USA American based translation company

We're headquartered in the USA — You'll find that it's much better for you!

Many dubbing and translation companies have their headquarters overseas. This can create some major challenges. We're headquartered in Florida. What this means for you is that you'll have easy, simple and quick communication. You will not have the additional expenses and delays that come when you use a company that's not USA based. Plus your invoice will be in United States dollars.


Visit our page with all our video translation services. Read our article on dubbing to see if dubbing is the right choice for your show.

To learn more about this subject, check out Wikipedia's info on what dubbing companies do. If you're looking for professional voice actors, accurate translation, and excellent production quality for video or film dubbing project, give us a call at Ball Media Innovations!