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Most animated explainer video companies don't have marketing or training knowledge. We do! Yes, we have great artists. But we also understand business and training concepts. That's what goes behind making great explainer videos.

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We make sure you're delighted with our animated explainer video services.

And you'll have a great experience! For example, we're first-rate communicators. We get back to you fast. Also, we keep you updated and in the loop. Plus, we're always polite. This means you'll sense that your happiness is our top concern. 


USA American based translation company

Most of our competitors are not based in the USA. Or they use out-of-the-country artists. Why does that matter to you? Because this makes communication next to impossible. Use them, and it can mean a slow and frustrating process.

Also, it can also be hard to make them understand your ideas. So, you can end up with a less effective animated explainer video. And a lot of frustration.

On the other hand, at Ball Media, we're all in the USA.

Communication will be GREAT! Our clients find that their animated explainer videos closely reflect their visions. And they all get great service, an easier process, and a better video.

You'll Work Directly With An Experienced Director 

Throughout the process we give you direct access to a super experienced video production director/producer/editor. Contact him by phone, email and text. You'll have his direct cell number! He in turn will work with our U.S.A. based artists. You've got speedy, direct and easy access. 

We're different from other animated explainer video companies. Our process is different. 

Your highly experienced director will strategize with you: You'll have a director who understands marketing and training concepts for video. He'll chat with you to see what you're hoping for. Then he'll strategize based on your goals, target market and preferences.

Next, your director will work with our artists to create a storyboard. After you've approved it, he'll work with the artist on each and every scene. If needed, he'll add special effects, advanced scene transitions, etc. As a result, with our animated explainer video production company, you get more. 

Greg Ball President of BMI with his animated double

Here's what our Director will do for you:

  • Strategize with you to get the best and most effective video possible.
  • Make suggestions on images and animations.
  • Help you tell your story in a compelling way.
  • Work with you on your script, or work with a writer to write your script.
  • Speak with you and research to understand your business.
  • Address and handle any requested changes quickly.
  • Audition and pick the best voice talent for you.
  • Directly coach the voice talent to get the best read.
  • Work directly with your artist to add creative ideas, and increase the effectiveness and production value of your video.
  • Add special effects, advanced scene transitions, etc. 
You may see other video animation companies using the same animation software as us. 

But... we go further for you than they do. We apply marketing and training strategy. Plus, we have post-production capabilities they don't usually have. And you'll have a seasoned director/producer/editor work on your project. He will manage the entire process. Easy for you!

Your director/editor can add a wide variety of:

  • Special effects
  • Higher quality graphics
  • Mixed media
  • Video clips (yours or stock video clips)
  • Photos (yours or stock photos)
  • And more...

As a result, you'll have a better quality animated explainer video. And a great experience.

Here's one example of a technical advantage we bring you. One of our clients wanted their animated spokesperson character to smile through the entire video. The software doesn't allow that. When the characters speak, they can't smile. As a result, most companies could not deliver what they requested. However, we were able to. We superimposed the smile in the post-production process. And there was no additional charge. 

If you're interested in whiteboard animated video production services, visit here. 

Watch OUR Explainer Video Below. See What Makes Us Your Best Choice. 

Below this video, you'll find some samples of our clients animated explainer videos. First, check out our own explainer. It's designed to be fun. And it's a short look at our company and what makes us different. Watch and enjoy!

Looking for a different style of character?

Check out this video on the right. This is the same video as above, but with a different character style. You'll also notice that some of the graphics, scenes, items and backgrounds are styled differently. We offer this style as well as several others. 

  • Miami marketing video production company 5 star review"From start to finish we were extremely impressed. Quick responses to all our questions and changes. Extremely professional. Highly recommend Ball Media to anyone looking for a great product at an extremely great price. Thank you Greg for all you and your staff did to make this a success."

  • "...From start to finish, the project was handled with professionalism and a strong attention to detail. The finished product exceeded our expectations and we certainly would not hesitate to work with Greg and the folks at Ball Media Innovations again."

  • "The quality and timeliness of their work has been incredible. I would definitely recommend Ball Media Innovations... these guys have a really good understanding of your needs and expectations. ...glad we chose Ball Media."

  • "Greg and his team deliver a superior product at a value that can't be matched. Greg far exceeded my expectations with his professionalism and talent... Greg was able to pick up the project with little instruction and delivered exactly what we needed... I highly recommend Greg and Ball Media Innovations..."

  • "...From start to finish, the project was handled with professionalism and a strong attention to detail. The finished product exceeded our expectations and we certainly would not hesitate to work with Greg and the folks at Ball Media Innovations again."

    "I would recommend Ball Media! I needed an explainer video, and Ball Media specialized in this type of production. It was easy, and the final product was more than I expected. Ball Media will give you the information to guide you through the process. My video was on point as to message, and I enjoyed the process with Greg. Upon completion, I inquired about the other services that Ball Media provides. I look forward to working with them again."

Our Animated Explainer Video Production Services

concept of explainer videos

Our artists will design your custom explainer videos with your goals in mind. And to appeal to your audience.

SCRIPTINGscript for explainer videos

Either we'll tweak and optimize your script, or write it for you from scratch.

PRODUCTION & ANIMATIONProduction and animation for whiteboard explainer videos - companies

We'll come up with the characters, scenes, dialogue, and actions, and we'll bring your vision to life.

LIVE ACTION FOOTAGElive action with animation for explainer videos

Our explainer videos can combine live talent and footage with animation. We're a full-service video production company. So we can shoot the live sections for you. Or we can use stock footage.

VOICE TALENTvoice over for explainer videos

We'll hire the best voice talent for your project. This will be based on your script, target market, preferences, and budget.


EDITING & POSTpost production for explainer videos

Your explainer animated video will look professional. In post-production we add finishing touches that only a real production company could. Plus we can translate your video into almost any language.

Client Logos for our Miami Video production company

BMI is the Top Animated Explainer Video Production Company for Businesses & the Medical Community Throughout the USA!

Here's more detail about what makes us your best choice.

animated explainer video production company 1. GREAT COMMUNICATION. This means that you'll have better service.

Based in Florida, w serve clients throughout the USA. Why should that matter to you? As mentioned above, many of our competitors use out-of-the-country artists. They're most likely in very different time zones. This results in a slowed down process.

Also, our competitors are often unable to actually speak with their artists directly. They must handle everything by email. This is slow and cumbersome. It can be difficult to explain visual ideas this way. Finally, there can be language challenges. This can cause misunderstandings. They many not grasp your ideas and requests.

However, with Ball Media you'll enjoy quick service and great communication. Our artists are USA based. Your animated explainer video will be more likely to be exactly what you wanted. And your project should move forward far more quickly and smoothly.


At Ball Media, we're known for our business/marketing and training know how. We understand the concepts that go into making videos that work! Our animated explainer video production services include strategizing. We come up with ways to make your videos more powerful. This means higher quality and more effective videos.

animated explainer video production company for medical marketing3. WE KNOW HOW TO WORK FOR VARIOUS INDUSTRIES.

Whether you're a medical-oriented facility or a retail store, we're experienced. We handle everything from manufacturing plants to educational organizations. We can bring you quality.

Check out our client list. You'll see the huge variety of businesses and medical organizations we've worked with. It's growing constantly. Our animated explainer video company can help you as we've helped others in your industry, or in similar industries.


As explained above, a seasoned producer/director/editor will handle your project. He'll work with your artist(s) to create a well-timed, refined and effective video for you.

Get in touch with us today, and we'll give you a free consultation and quote.

Increase your conversions online and increase your return on investment (ROI).

animation explainer videos - companiesAnimated explainer videos are known for their ability to increase view conversion rates. They can grab a viewers' attention. Then they can retain attention. They can also motivate them to buy or take the action you're looking for.

Increase viewer emotions.

With a well planned video, you can inspire emotions. In turn, this can help the viewer to see the value of your product or service. An animated explainer video that's made right can persuade and motivate the viewer.

Do you need full video production services?

Are you in the South Florida area? Please take a moment to visit our Miami video production company page to read all about our services. If you're in Central Florida, check out our Orlando video production company. Or if you're outside of Florida, visit either page for more info on how we can help you. We can work with you anywhere within the USA. And if you're looking for animated explainer video services, contact us now!