Are you trying to decide whether to invest in a marketing video to sell your products or services?

A well-made, strategically designed video can be a powerful sales tool. Your marketing video can give you all the following benefits:

1. Multiply selling power with a marketing video.

social media impact of videos Selling products and services face-to-face is effective if your salesperson is effective, but it’s limiting. You can’t possibly make personal sales presentations to thousands of hot leads every day. That’s where VIDEO comes in. Video radically increases your reach. Produce your video once, and you now have the ability to give your very best and most compelling message over and over in a consistent and powerful way.

2. Grab and keep the attention of your target market.

A well-made video can be entertaining, emotionally moving, informational, and enjoyable. It engages the viewer using sights, sounds, action, and drama. This adds to your sales presentation in a way that isn’t always possible in personal sales. Video gains far more eyes than a print piece, and the ability to communicate your story is enhanced. 

3. Show the product or service in action.

marketing video shoot for a manufacturing companyThis can influence a potential buyer so much more than talking about it. Virtually every product “shows” well in video, but especially those that involve action, movement, or sound. You'll be able to demonstrate what makes it so desirable. Also, if your product or service is complex or difficult to explain, your video can make it simple for the viewer to grasp, giving them that "oh, I want that!" moment.

Services are intangible, but are easily showcased in a video by showing people using your service and by giving evidence of the benefits they receive. For example, tour companies’ videos often feature scenes with happy couples in famous places. This is far more compelling than photos, literature, or sales presentations alone.

4. Give testimonials of thrilled clients. 

Want to create a desire for your product or service? Testimonials work really well, and they can help you look credible. Testimonials are relied upon by a huge portion of buyers. They want to see what their peers have to say about your product or service. Positive testimonials can help buyers decide to buy. 

5. Allow repeated viewings. 

A video has the selling power of a personal sales presentation, but potential customers can repeatedly view it. 

6. Make marketing affordable. 

how to save money on your video productionIn the past, only Fortune 500 companies could afford production costs and air time. Now videos can be affordably made and shown. Once the video has been produced, you can mail potential customers a CD or DVD, buy inexpensive air time on cable to target specific markets, place it on the internet on your company website, Google, or YouTube, or email it for free.

The Internet has completely revolutionized video as a sales tool. Today, ANY COMPANY — from the largest Fortune 500 corporation to the smallest home business — can utilize 100% of the selling power of video, more easily, more effectively, and far more affordably than was ever before possible.

7. Make buying easier for customers. 

Potential customers decide how and when to watch the video. That reduces the intimidation many consumers feel in a one-on-one sales situation, and customers are more comfortable buying this way. If what you’re offering is large, you can bring it to your customers by video far more easily than you can bring all your customers physically to it — for example, video’s a great way to take customers on a factory tour or show them a travel destination.


It's been proven that if a video is strategically designed, the cost of producing it is more than worth it, and your potential for sales can be radically increased.

Greg Ball, President of Ball Media - video production; builderAbout the Author & His Company:

Greg Ball, is President of Ball Media Innovations, Inc. Prior to starting the company, he ran the Burger King World Headquarters video operation. Greg founded Ball Media as a Miami video production company in 2002. He eventually expanded services to also become an Orlando video production company. Greg directs shows in both locations, as well as nationally, with crews throughout the country.

Ball Media Innovations specializes in producing videos for businesses as well as the medical community. This includes web videos, marketing and training videos, social media videos, convention, conference, and trade show videos.

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