5 Helpful Tips for Clients Speaking On-Camera

By Greg Ball, President of BMI

Are you a video production client who’s going to be speaking on-screen, or are you going to be sitting in on a video production with someone from your company serving as talent? There are some easy to do things that you or your talent can do to increase the success of your video. Here’s the list:

1. Always keep eye contact with the camera until the director says “cut”.

One thing that can ruin a shot is turning away your eyes from the camera too soon. Remember that the director needs some buffer time after the shot is done for editing purposes. So even if you’ve delivered your last line, don’t forget to keep eye contact with the camera until the director says “cut”. Take a look at the image on the left for an example of good eye contact. For more details on maintaining proper eye contact with the camera, see this article.

2. Smile when appropriate, be friendly and sincere. For most videos and topics, if you come off as friendly you’ll have a better chance of attracting the viewers and holding their interest. In a natural way, use your smile and your voice to communicate friendliness. Of course if you’re speaking about a serious or sad topic, you’ll need to show the appropriate emotions.

3. Feel free to use your hands if that makes you comfortable.

If you’re a person who naturally talks with your hands, feel free to do so on-camera. You’ll probably look more animated and interesting. Just be sure not to wear bracelets or wrist watches that can make noise or reflect light.

If you’re a client who’s not experienced with acting, and you don’t normally speak with your hands, consider skipping it. You’ll be more comfortable if you do what comes naturally, and this will show.

4. Remove all pagers, cell phones or other mobile devices from your pockets.

These items can interfere with microphones. And of course you’ll want to turn them off if they’re in the room with you or in ear shot when the camera is rolling.

5. Remove all change and keys from your pockets.

They can jingle as you move, which can be distracting. This type of noise can reduce the professional feel of the video.

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