Who do we serve at Ball Media Innovations?

who we serve

In general, we serve small to large businesses, medical organizations and practices, Fortune 500 companies, and anyone else who needs video production serviceseditingexplainer videos, and video or film translation. We also offer expert studio design and building.

Here are some people and types of companies that our Miami based video production company serves: 

Are there projects we won't take?

Yes, there are some videos that BMI won’t work on. Here are some guidelines:

Sorry, but BMI does NOT produce personal videos such as wedding or birthday videos. It’s just not what we do. We recommend that you google something such as “wedding video production” to find a company that can help you.

We do not take on projects that feature sexually oriented topics, nudity, or extreme violence.

We do not take on projects for gambling focused companies.

We do not make music videos.