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Having a well made trade show video in your booth can make or break your results. A trade show video can do so much to attract and keep the attendee's attention. Without it, it's difficult to compete with other exhibitors. And it must be a well planned, effective video. That's why you need a trade show video production company that knows how to deliver quality services.

Ball Media Innovations is the top trade show video production company in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Orlando areas.

We understand the concepts that go into creating great trade show videos. That's unusual for Florida video production companies. We know how to make effective, appealing, attention grabbing trade show videos that sell your products and services. Our trade show videos are designed to draw attendees to your booth. They can explain your product, services and company without you needing to repeat the same spiel over and over. Also, they're able to show your products and services at work in the field.

If you're on the fence about having a trade show video made, take a look at our article called "Why You Should Have a Video In Your Trade Show Booth".

Here are Some Demos of Trade Show Videos we've produced

Take a look at some demos showing our trade show video production company's work. These are just a few videos that we've created for use at trade shows. If you don't see what you're looking for here, call us. We have many other samples we can post for you. Call (954) 432-1274.

Here's a trade show video for a medical manufacturer:

This multi-purpose video was created for a medical equipment manufacturer to be used in various ways, including marketing at trade shows in their trade show booth.

The following multi-purpose Instructional Video was also used at trade shows:

This video is used by the company at trade shows to show how easy their shelter system is to use, and to display the product. It's offers step by step instructions for assembly in a very easy to understand way.

Trade Show Video to promote services:

This video was designed to show and promote this company at a series of trade shows.

We're the #1 Company for Trade Show Video Production

Throughout South Florida and in the Orlando area, you won't find a company that knows more about creating effective trade show videos. You need an advantage at your trade show booth. At Ball Media Innovations we're experts in video production for marketing and promotional purposes. We work with businesses of all sizes, and even franchises. Additionally we work with medically oriented companies.

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