By Greg Ball, President of Ball Media Innovations

When most people think of what a trade show booth should include, they usually think of having striking graphics, short informational content, photos, and a large corporate logo posted on booth panels that tell the company’s story. They also envision somebody handing out pamphlets about the company, product, or service involved.

But there’s an important element missing if there isn’t a large screen TV with a video about your company and products playing in the booth. The simple fact is nothing can tell a story about a company like a video can. Given the choice between reading brochures, white papers, and other printed materials versus watching a well-produced video, the majority of people would choose video.

Think of Your Own Trade Show Experiences

One of the best ways to design a trade show booth is to think back on your own personal experiences at trade shows to judge what should be included, and what can be eliminated. One of the biggest complaints trade show attendees have is that it is sometimes awkward and intrusive to have to talk to a salesperson or company representative when visiting a booth.

Unless you specifically want to talk about something, you’d probably prefer to explore the booth on your own and avoid having a small talk conversation. Having the ability to watch an engaging video lets you learn about the company or product in a non-intrusive way.

Having a video in your trade show booth helps your company in other ways:

  • It helps prospects learn key information about your company or products.
  • It gets prospects to stay at the booth longer.
  • It allows you to include client testimonials which can be so compelling. 
  • It lets viewers tour your facility in the U.S. or abroad without going there.

You'll be competing for attention with other companies that have trade show videos!

A large number of booths will be using video, and you want to be competitive. Creating a video is a small investment to make in order to be perceived as current and sensitive to your customers’ trade show preferences.

Videos can also be attention-getting. Here's an example. One of our clients is a construction company that had a unique process for creating indestructible buildings. We produced a video that included a scene where a backhoe slammed into a building without causing any damage, and the loud sound it made turned a lot of heads at the trade show and brought many visitors into their booth to watch the video.

Video is a great marketing tool at trade shows!

If you think that video is used by businesses solely to generate awareness, think again. Just take a look at some of the numbers. Here are some stats that will show you just how effective trade show videos can be:

  1. The reality is that video tends to be used by buyers throughout the entire purchase process. In fact, seventy percent of B2B buyers are watching videos on their path to making a purchase.
  1. The information that we tend to retain is visual. Of all the input we take in each day, 90% is visual because our brain is able to process visual information easily.
  1. Here’s a statistic that’ll really blow you away: when it comes to retaining information, the retention rate for video is exceptionally high. We remember as much information from one minute of video as we do from 1.7 million words. Yes, that’s million with an “m.” So if you want your booth visitors to remember something about your company or your product, use video.

Trade show booth visits by the numbers - Video is your best salesperson!

Another reason to incorporate video in your booth design and to use it at trade shows is the sheer number of visitors to your booth. If you’re at a large trade show, like the Consumer Electronics Show, there can be more than 150,000 attendees walking around. That means your booth will be visited by a large number of people, and unless you have a huge number of employees manning your booth, the chance that you’ll have an engaging conversation with all of them is slim.

That’s where video can come into play. Your video can play on an endless loop, and an unlimited number of people who visit your booth can watch it. You control the information that they see, and the key points you want them to remember. It will end up being your best salesperson at the show.

trade show videos get attention


A trade show video can help your prospective customers experience your company.

Something else to consider is the fact that it’s not always feasible to have prospective customers tour your facility. Also, your product or equipment may be simply too large to transport to a trade show. That’s where a video can really help out. One of our clients is an airline company that couldn’t bring their products to the many trade shows they participated in. In place of the equipment, we produced a video that was used in their booth.

Your Video Keeps on Working beyond the trade shows!

Possibly the best part of producing a video for your trade show exhibit is that you can re-purpose your video after the show ends. You’ve already paid for production, so put it to good use by posting it on your website, on social media, and YouTube channels.

Your video will live on if you use networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. That means your initial investment will continue to produce measurable results long after the trade show is over. Video plays an integral role in all advertising and marketing campaigns, and you’ll have one that’s already produced and ready to play.

The key is to have a dynamic video that grabs the viewer’s attention and holds it throughout the length of the video.

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