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We're experts at video production for business websites and social media. 

We know how to work with the major social media sites such as Facebook - Instagram - LinkedIn - Twitter, etc. Whether you need marketing videos, animated explainer videos, product demonstration videos, plant tours,  informational videos, or training videos, we have you covered!

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Some Videos We Can Produce for Websites, Social Media & YouTube:

Customer Testimonial Videos

Miami customer testimonial videos

We can interview subjects on the spot, we can shoot in your office, or we can set up a special interviewing set. We are adept at interview techniques, and we can help draw out great testimonials, sound bites and relevant comments.

Ask the Expert Videos

Expert social media video production Miami Fort Lauderdale

You'll give answers to commonly asked questions. This helps prospective clients find you, and it gives you an image as an expert. We can help put you at ease on camera and get the best on-camera performance for your videos.

Product Demos

Product intro video production company for miami

Demonstrating your product on your website, YouTube and on social media can be a powerful selling tool. We can help you do that with a professional appearance that will reflect well on your company and products.

Office & Company Tours

Office and company tour video production company

Bring your customers right to your facility. Help them to see the appeal of your location, and to feel comfortable and positive about it. This is great for your website and can be used for social media.

Manufacturing Plant Tour

manufacturing social media video production company

Customers will understand your company and its processes. These videos can inspire respect, confidence and trust. They're perfect to place on your website or for showing at trade shows.

Event Coverage Videos

live event social media website video production in Miami

Promote future events, show highlights, capture speakers, get testimonials, etc. Visit our Event, Convention, Conference and Meeting Video Production page for details.

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Produce Your Social Media & Website Videos

Social media advertising plays a vital role in reaching today’s customers. However, simple status updates are not sufficient to keep your customers coming back for more. Social media functions as an effective marketing tool in many ways. And one effective method is the use of short, engaging videos. Several studies show that roughly 60 percent of online sales traffic begins with an online marketing video. So video is clearly a proven method for effective marketing.

videos for social meda With the current high rate of internet speed and ease of access, the use of video with social media is a perfect fit. Done right, it can engage your target audience and bring you great results. You'll need the right web video and social media video production company to help you.

Ball Media Innovations, Inc,  is a Miami video Production Company that specializes in creating high-quality and competitively priced videos for your website and social media channels. We've created these types of videos for hundreds of clients. Our videos are perfect for putting your message in front of your social media audience in a compelling way.

Your social media and website videos can have a profound effect on potential profit. Though, it's so important that the videos that represent your business are professional and effective. You need a video production company that can produce highly effective social media videos and website videos, so choose your company carefully. 


Here's a social media video production tip for you.

social media impact of videos Consider the Optimal Length of a Good Social Media Video. In most cases, online marketing videos should be short.  People on social media sites are often looking for quick information. While the type of video will determine how long the video is, (instructional videos or interviews are longer) most online marketing videos should be only a minute at most. In fact, most online marketing videos should be about 30 seconds long.

You can put a lot of information into that short amount of time if you choose the right company to help create your video. Ball Media Innovations is the right Miami video production business for your video needs, whether they are quick snippets of information or longer length videos.

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