Corporate Video Production Services That Help Our Clients SUCCEED! 

Since 2002 Ball Media Innovations has been the best option for those looking for corporate video production services in the Miami and Orlando areas of Florida. 

Corporations Choose Ball Media Innovations
We serve corporate clients of all sizes - From very small to large international corporations and small businesses.

We Lift Up Businesses!

Ball Media Innovations is the ONLY corporate video production company from Miami to Orlando that brings you this: Extensive business, marketing, and training knowledge, education, and experience. Our people understand the concepts that go behind successful corporate videos. 

Competitive Pricing Plus High-Quality

We offer competitive pricing in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Orlando areas. We're also able to provide crews nationwide. Our crews are top-notch professionals with proven experience. 

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We've worked successfully with hundreds of companies over the years - From small, local businesses to large international corporations. And our clients have been super happy with us. Based on client feedback and our research, we can confidently say that Ball Media brings you more. More experience and more success with corporate video production services than any other company in the Miami and Orlando areas. 


Our Clients consider us a to be their strategic partners.

When you hire Ball Media, you'll notice a big difference in your experience, and in your videos. We're experienced working with executives and all levels of employees. You'll see that giving you outstanding customer service is something we don't skimp on.  

  • "On very short notice, Greg and his team were able to help our company with a very important project. He and his staff arrived on time, thoroughly prepared, and calmly and professionally dealt with some unexpected obstacles we encountered once we were on site.

    Greg also worked with us to help coach the people being taped for the interviews, which I believe resulted in a superior quality of the finished product.

    We were very happy with our whole experience with Ball Media and look forward to using their services in the future."

  • "Working with Greg is a pleasure. He is a consummate professional who's videography is flawless. No detail is too big or too small for him to deal with, and his suggestions are always helpful."

  • "The professionalism they showed was unsurpassed. They were a delightful group of people to do business with. Ball Media far exceeded my expectations in all areas... They made me feel at ease, did everything professionally, and without any stress or attitude... I look forward to doing future media projects with Ball Media."

  • "Working with Greg Ball and Ball Media brought an unmistakably new level of professionalism to our message and product. For starters, Greg's interview expertise elicited material from our supporters that we were not even aware existed, thus creating and invaluable asset for our organization on its own merit.

    Then, in post production, Greg worked with us until the product was right on. I could not be more pleased with the completed project. Thanks Greg!"

Experienced Miami Corporate Video Crews, and more!

What makes us different?

Many local video companies claim to be corporate video production companies. But they're really not. 

Many of them are really wedding and Bar Mitzvah video companies, and they're trying to expand. We can't blame them for trying, but you'll experience a different level of service and quality.

Compared to Ball Media you'll experience a major difference when it comes to the type of advice and strategy you'll receive. We're Miami corporate video production services specialists! From small businesses to large international corporations, we've got extensive experience and expertise that you'll benefit from.


We offer specialty crews that know how to shoot in various business environments.

For example, our crews have extensive experience in areas such as: Medical video productionvideo production in a manufacturing environmentfood and restaurant industry video production, etc. We also have a real estate focused crews. This is perfect if you're with a real estate agency or a homeowner.


Our crews can shoot in almost any location in and around Miami and Orlando. This includes corporate headquarters, local offices, manufacturing plants, etc. Additionally, we partner with an international crewing company. So we also offer crews throughout the rest of Florida, the nation and the world.

This all works together to make Ball Media your very best choice for corporate video production services! You'll see the difference in your videos, and you'll have a smoother, easier experience.


We'd be happy to chat with you about your corporate video production project. We'll ask you about your goals, and we'll give you some ideas. There's absolutely no obligation.  We serve Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Orlando with full-service video production. We serve nationally with animation, editing and translation.

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