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When you’re looking for Miami corporate video production services, you need a company that’s fully equipped and experienced with creating videos for business needs. That’s who we are!

Watch our 60 second demo video overview:

We’re Not Only Video Technicians. We’re corporate video and business experts. Our Clients consider us a to be their strategic partner. In addition to offering our clients outstanding technical and creative ability, along with top shelf customer service, we’re known for our business and training knowledge.

Miami Corporate Video ProductionWe’re Uniquely Qualified to produce your Corporate videos. Based on client feedback and our research, we believe that we have have more experience and success with business oriented and corporate video production than any other Miami corporate video production company.

In-Depth Knowledge. At Ball Media Innovations, we have a thorough knowledge of the concepts that go into making great videos for marketing, advertising, PR, training, corporate communications, operations, and more.

Vast Corporate Video Production Experience. Greg Ball, President of BMI (photo below with the King) was the Manager of Worldwide Video Communications for Burger King Corporation based in Miami, Florida for many years prior to starting this company. He worked with various corporate departments to create highly effective videos that have been shown around the world.

Greg Ball President Miami Corporate Video Production Company

At BMI, we’ve worked with a large number of local, national and international corporations. Our crew members are handpicked to work well within the corporate environment.

So not only do we know how to apply corporate and business theory to your videos, we’re experienced working with executives and all levels of employees, we have good corporate manners, and you’ll notice a big difference in your experience and in your resulting videos when you hire BMI for your Miami corporate video production.

Miami Corporate Video Production Specialty Crews, and more!

Our crews have extensive experience in areas such as medical video production, video production in a manufacturing environment, food and restaurant Industry video production, etc. Our crews can shoot in almost any location in and around Miami, including your corporate headquarters, local offices, manufacturing plants, etc. We also offer crews throughout Florida, the nation and the world.

This all works together to make BMI your very best choice of Miami corporate video production companies! You’ll see the difference in your videos, and you’ll have a smoother, easier experience.

We Offer Expert South Florida and Miami Corporate Video Production Services for:

Miami corporate video production Company Services of Speaker

  • Training
  • Conventions & Events
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Speakers & Trainers
  • Website & Social Media
  • Trade Shows
  • Medical Videography
  • Video & Film Translation
  • Corporate Communications
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Real Estate Videos

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