Will Animation Improve My Video’s Success?


Will Animation & Motion Grapics Improve Viewer Response?

By Greg Ball, President of BMI

Cartoons are more than just kids play. Fun, whimsical and engaging animation is a great and simple way to tell the story of your business.

Motion Graphics, or MG, is a kind of animation that is becoming increasingly popular for web-based marketing videos. Unlike traditional drawn “cel” or computer animation, MG uses video, still images and graphics to create a feel of movement.

MG was very popular in advertising and the opening movie credits of the1960’s and 70’s. It is seeing a return to popularity because of its cool retro look, and because new software, has made it very cost-effective for talented graphics producers to use MG to create powerful and fun branded messages.

White Board Animation – The current hot trend!

Another entertaining and educational style of animation being used today to create very effective marketing videos, other types of corporate communications, and what is commonly referred to as “explainer videos,” is Whiteboard Animation.

Take the following example that we created for a medical company. It  takes a complex subject and makes it easy to understand, in an engaging way. This simple style of animation can also incorporate live footage as we have done in this video below by using a spokesperson

Why have whiteboard animations become so popular lately? Some think it is because of the increased use of tablet computers, and presentation software like PowerPoint in business meetings, that use simple drawing and graphics to illustrate major points. Others say it is simply due to the popularity of web videos that are quick, entertaining, and to the point.

No matter why they are so widespread, these whiteboard videos are easy to comprehend, separate you from your competition, and rank very high on internet searches. A creative whiteboard animation  can have the effect of immediately getting your potential customer’s attention, and keeping them focused until the end, so they can respond to your call to action.

A recent marketing study found that a simple MG animated video or whiteboard product overview when used for lead generation, could increase conversions by as much as 30%! So clearly this technique could help improve your sales numbers.

It’s Your Story – Let Animation Tell It

Animation has always had the power and ability to take the viewer to amazing places, and tell great stories.Using animation is one way to grab the viewers attention and hold it,while telling your story in an easy to understand way.

And here’s the good news. Today, you do not have to have the budgets of a film like Toy Story to use animation to effectively tell your story!

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