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what you need to know to have your video translated

What You Need to Know to Have Your Video Translated

By Greg Ball, President of BMI So you have a video that needs to be translated into one or more languages. Where do you begin? What do you need to know? At Ball Media Innovations we’ve been providing video…

Is dubbing the best option for my video

Is Dubbing The Best Option For My Video?

Should I use Dubbing for the translation of my video or film? By Greg Ball, President of BMI Before I answer the question, here’s a short definition of dubbing: Dubbing is the process of re-recording and overlaying the original actor’s…

subtitles for video or film translation

Should I Use Subtitles For My Video or Film Translation?

By Greg Ball, President of BMI First, what is Subtitling? Here’s a brief description: Simply said, Subtitling is a method of translating a video or film into another language by using words on the screen. It’s often used for translating…