Commercial Video Production Services in Miami

Looking for professional Miami video production services that will help you deliver your marketing message in a clear, concise and engaging manner? If so, you are at the right place. As one of the leading video production companies in Miami, we know what it takes to make a good commercial video.

For successful commercial video production, you need to work with a company that will not only see your vision, but also has the tools, experience, and skills necessary to actualize the vision.

Most people make the mistake of hiring Miami video production companies based solely on price. When their projects end up bland, they are faced with the difficult choices of either redoing the commercial video with a different company or putting out the video in the market and risk not getting the results they wanted. This however, should not be the case.

Finding the right company to work with can ensure you get a commercial video that you will be proud of and at a reasonable cost. Below are some things to consider when looking for the right Miami video production company:

What to Look For with a Company

i) Equipment

Depending on the scope and outcome you want, your video may have to be shot with special cameras. If you are looking for high impact HD infomercials, the company should have cameras with HD capability.

Apart from video cameras, you may want to know about other equipment that may be necessary for your commercial video project. For example, you may want to check on boom microphones, dolly, green screens, soft and umbrella lights and so on.

Contact the prospective provider through email or phone to inquire about the equipment they have.

ii) Skilled team

The company’s team members also play a major role in the success of any commercial video production. Here, you do not need a company that has a large team. Rather, you want one whose team can produce the kind of video you want.

Some of skills that the team should have include light balancing, visual and sound effects, modeling and animation, video editing and production, among others. Before you hire a company, find out more about its team.

Generally, you can determine the skills of the team from its past works. Ask the company for some sample videos or commercial video projects it has undertaken in the past. If you like what you see, the company may be right for you.

iii) Timeline

There are many things that can affect the production schedule of a video. Depending on the complexity and subjects to be captured in your video, the scripting, shooting, editing and post-production process can take from a few weeks to a few months. If you have an urgent project, find out if the company can finish it on time.

Some companies charge higher for rush projects since they will usually have to stop working on other projects they may have. In some instances, you may be required to provide a percentage of the total cost as down payment for the rush order.

If you need a rush project done, look for a company whose team is skilled in different aspects of video production. Also, give the Miami video production service provider enough time to do post production work.

What Makes a Good Commercial Video?

To get a good commercial video, you need to find the right company to work. But what makes a good commercial video?

Good videos, like any advertising medium, should pass the intended message to the target audience. When you approach a Miami video production company, you may only have a concept of what you want in mind. The company can help you come with a script or storyline through which the message will be passed in the video. A good script is one whose ideals are connected flawlessly and has a clear message.

Apart from the message, you also have to look at the actors and storyline in the video. If you need a human actor for your video, the Miami video production company can help you find one. Alternatively, if you will be the one appearing on the video, the script director will guide you on how to make your performance more believable and credible, the actions to take to make the video engaging.

Finally, the props and special effects in the video contribute to the overall perception of the audience. With the right special effects, the video can have a major impact on your audience. Your video should have light special effects that will complement or augment various graphics. Having sound effects may also be necessary depending on the subject of your video.

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