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for Corporate & Business Biographies & Tributes

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At Ball Media Innovations, we know how to tell your story in an accurate, moving and inspirational way through high quality video.

Here are some of the videos we can produce for you:

Public relations and Marketing Video Biographies

Promote your business using a video biography that can be used on TV and on the web. This can be focused on the business as a whole, or on a specific individual. Tell your company's story in a moving way. Show it's history, people, values, culture, products, accomplishments and future plans. This can foster trust and interest in your viewers.

Executive Video Tributes

Honor your founder or employee with a video bio of their career, life history and achievements. Video biographies are a wonderful way to show your appreciation and to motivate all of your employees.

Milestone Video Biographies

Use video to share the story when your company or one of its employees reaches an important goal.

Retirement Tribute Videos

Show your appreciation for your employees' years of dedication. This biographical video will show them in a moving way what their hard work has meant.

Historical Preservation Video Biographies

Keep a video record and share the story of your business. Inspire others and maintain an important record of history.

Do you have a biography or tribute video project we can help you with?

Our local South Florida crews are top-notch, and we have crews around the country and the world, so we can tell your complete story no matter where we need to go to get it! Call today for a free no-obligation consultation and quote.

Would you like to read more about us? If so, if you're in the South Florida area, please take a moment to visit our Miami video production company page to read all about our services. If you're in Central Florida, check out our Orlando video production company page.