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Samples of Our Marketing Video Production Work

Choose from the marketing Demo Clips Below. If you don't see what you're looking for here, call us. We have many other samples we can post for you.


Marketing and Public Relations video for website and social media use: This video was used to explain services, benefits and processes and to show how unique and appealing the services are.


Medical Marketing and Training Video: This video was made as a combination marketing video and client training video for this FDA approved skin care product.


Product marketing video for website use: We produced a series of customer training videos. Each one teaches about how to deal with a different pet illness, while also introducing appropriate medical products available for sale on the client's website.


Customer Marketing and Training Video: This video was produced to be shown through the Home Depot websit. It uses a spokesperson to discuss the benefits and uses of the product line, and to teach the installation process.

The client informed us that Home Depot will now be using this video as an example of the "gold standard" of videos for all of their product distributors to refer to when producing their product videos.


Product marketing video: This promotes an educational language learning product. The video includes:

  • Interviews with satisfied educational professionals.
  • Interviews with students.
  • Sub-titling for students who use their native language.

The video is designed to show how easy and effective the product really is.


Medical Training Marketing Video: This video was produced to show at a conference and for website use to help recruit new students to their program.


Commercial with animation, voice over, and graphics. This is designed to sell a new technology for that can replace painting the outside of houses, and to show how this new technology works.


Investment Program Promotional Video: The company offers investment and relocation opportunities in the U.S.A. to citizens of different countries.
For this particular program, the video is designed to show:

  • The attractiveness of the investment in a veterinarian hospital being built in Palm Beach, Florida.
  • The attractiveness of relocating to South Florida.


Marketing, Public Relations and Recruitment Video: This multi-purpose video was created for a medical equipment manufacturer to be used in various ways, including at a tradeshow.


Marketing, Fund Raising & Public Relations Video: Non-profit organizations have a special challenge: Get people to donate money in exchange for good feelings, rather than goods and services.

In this video you'll see a sample where we tell the real story of this non-profit and their recipients in a moving, emotional way. We used interviews and testimonials to get natural, deeply moving sound bites. The ability to get these great sound bites is one of the things we're known for at Ball Media Innovations. We also used b-roll footage and still shots to create a highly successful video.

Medical Trade Show Video: Designed to market this company at a series of medically oriented trade shows.


Promotional Video for Service Company: This company is marketing to pharmaceutical companies that are looking to carry out human clinical drug trials. This video is designed to show what sets them apart from other similar companies.


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