Translation Video & Film Demos

Choose from the training Demo Clips Below. Here are various types of video translations our people have produced including subtitles, voice over, UN style, etc. If you don't see what you're looking for here, call us. We have many other samples we can post for you. Call (954) 432-1274.

The following are some video demos with explanations of what they required:

Voice-Over Video Translation - English to Chinese: This video was designed to market a U.S. program to China.


Voice-Over UN Style (United Nations Style) - English to Spanish Video Translation


Subtitles - English to Flemish Video Translation: This English video was translated into Flemish using subtitles. Notice that the original words on the screen were kept in English at the client's request, but translated into Flemish on the bottom of the screen. We can also translate on-screen graphics and insert them into your video.


Subtitles - English to Chinese Video Translation: We translated a series of scripts from English to Chinese. We also translated the on-screen graphics. At the client's request, the on-screen graphics were created in a pale color.


Subtitles - English to Spanish Animated Film Translation.

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