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Green Screen Can Save You Money!

When it's done well, it can save you thousands. You won't have to build sets or travel to locations. Yet you'll want to use pros who are experienced in green screen filming and editing. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver a high quality finished video. 

Check out the photo above to see a sample of a green screen video we produced. Pretty amazing, right?!!!

Green Screen Makes the Impossible possible!

Use your imagination to the max with green screen video production! If you can imagine it, we can create that scene.

How do we create green screen videos? First we film in front of a green screen with the actors and any props we want. Then in post-production we use special software that allows us to remove the green. We add the art, video and photos, and you get magic!


What We Can Do With Green Screen? Almost Anything!

You can put your acting talent or presenter into any location with green screen video production! Our staff can locate the perfect virtual background for you, we can create one, or we can use your photos. Green screen studio shoot video production in Miami FloridaWe offer an Emmy award winning graphic artist, and our rates are competitive!

Your actor/spokesperson can appear almost anywhere - in a beautiful executive office, a high tech set with TV screens playing video clips, in front of a city skyline visible out of the windows, in your manufacturing plant, and even on a spacecraft! The choice is yours.

Sometimes its best to shoot your green screen video in a studio, but often we can shoot it at your location, saving you money.

Anything you need, we can create! You can count on BMI to take care of all your green screen video projects.

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