By Greg Ball, President of Ball Media Innovations

Professional Video Editing Companies Can Improve Your Videos!

When it comes to promoting a product or service, there’s no limit to how businesses use video as part of their overall marketing efforts. Video is the best way to showcase any new developments whether it’s a new product launch, the introduction of a new service, the addition of new team members or a new way a product is manufactured. The fact is that video marketing provides a healthy return on investment. One research study showed that 86% of businesses are using video as part of their marketing. That’s up a whopping increase of 41% since 2016!

Because of the global pandemic, it’s become harder and harder for clients and prospects to travel to a businesses’ location. It’s also become harder to shoot original footage on location. So many companies are turning to stock footage and animation as a work-around. Many effective videos have been produced using these options, while saving companies money. In many cases, a talented editor can create a video that gets your message across without ever having to shoot footage.

We often offer clients the options of editing a show with stock footage or animation if shooting video isn’t feasible. For example, we created a video entirely out of stock footage for our client ERI Global. Check this out:

Some of our clients are shooting their own videos and having us professionally edit it. This is another valid approach. We coach them on how to get the best possible video quality. We've had a lot of effective videos created this way.

So should these businesses go the extra step and create their own videos from start to finish?

We Believe That Professional Video Editing is Needed. Here's why.

Consider this. Buying a gourmet oven doesn't make someone a gourmet chef. Years of practice and education combined with talent is what's needed. It's the same for editing. Anyone can cook, but not everyone can cook professionally. It's the same for video editing.

No matter how a video is produced, you still need to edit it so that it not only looks professional but captures the viewer’s attention and conveys the necessary information. A professional video editor with business video experience knows how to do that. There are skills that this type of editor would have through years of experience, that someone who is a do-it-yourselfer won't know. And your videos will reflect that lack of professionalism. That in turn will reflect on your company.

There are many ways you can benefit from professional video editing companies to enhance the overall video, which I’ll discuss in detail.

Five Benefits of Using Professional Video Editing Companies vs. Doing It Yourself

Remember when desktop video editing came on the scene with programs like Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Adobe Premiere Pro? It opened a new level of video editing that many businesses jumped on. Some of those software programs offer robust tools and effects. So should you do it yourself? We believe that the benefits of professional video editing companies far outweigh what a non-professional editor can do on their desktop.

So, what are some of the benefits of using professional video editing companies?

Professional video editing companies Editor 1. An experienced editor has knowledge, instincts and skill that shows in the video. First and foremost, it’s the experience of a video editor. Editing is all they do, so they’re very good at the process. For example, they can help determine which is the best take to use for a particular scene. They can get rid of bad takes and find a unique way to edit in a better one. They can create smooth transitions that enhance the video. They understand timing. And there's so much more that they've mastered over time.

2. They know how to enhance color and sound. A professional video editor can improve on the color and sound quality. Just take sound. When it comes to sound, a professional video editor knows how to improve on what was shot. For example, they can remove sounds such as throat clearing, repetitive words, stumbles, etc. They can enhance sound and even out the sound levels. You’d be surprised by how many times bad audio ends up on a finished video.

3. They save you tons of time. Keep in mind that in many instances it can take 200 hours or more to edit a complex video. This means that saving time is another benefit you’ll enjoy when you hire a professional to edit your video. The bottom line is that there is a huge learning curve to master the software on your desktop. And even if you think you’re great with software and a quick learner, there are always deadlines. Imagine being up against a deadline to have a finished video while you’re trying to learn how to do color correction or edit in special effects. It can be overwhelming to someone who only edits video occasionally.

4. Video quality is enhanced. The biggest benefit of having a professional video editing service work on your video is quality. The last thing you’d want a prospective client to see is an unpolished video. Remember, the video you show is part of your overall marketing, and it represents your brand. It must reflect the same caliber of quality that all your other marketing materials have. No matter how much time a non-professional editor plans to devote to finalizing a video, it can’t meet the standard of a professional editor.

The reason is simple: when you’re a professional video editor, all you do is edit. You don’t have your “regular job” with its various timelines and constraints pulling at you. And while you may save some money by editing it “in-house,” the cost of presenting your company in a nonprofessional light can be astronomical.

5. Professional Equipment: Add in the cost of plugins and other tools. Professional video editors are always adding new tools to their editing systems. They usually research and acquire the latest and greatest titling tools, effects, transitions and other plugins that take their videos up to the next level. Then they have to master them. So, another huge benefit of professional video editing is the level of equipment that’s used. Not many businesses that produce only several videos a year can afford to spend the thousands of dollars required for professional equipment and software. Or the time to master everything.

You must remember that editing is one of the final phases of production. There’s also scripting, staging, casting, location scouting, and a myriad of other activities involved before a single shot is made. Lighting is another huge part of video production. Lighting equipment can add up quickly and the cost is hard to justify for only several productions per year. But it’s an integral part of the production process. The bottom line is that professional video equipment - from cameras to lighting to editing - costs a lot of money.

More About The Professional Editing Process

Professional video editing companies Editor 2 When all footage is shot, the professional video editor goes to work. It’s not simply “cut and paste,” because editing involves selecting takes, shaping the sequences, finalizing the takes, and polishing the story you want to tell. As you’d imagine, this is a time-consuming process.

There are also many factors that go into a professional edit session. For example, there’s the complexity of the script. A simple video with a voice over and B-roll footage is a lot easier to edit than a multi-take script with talent and effects. This will affect the amount of time it takes to edit the video. There’s also the type of footage and the amount of footage an editor must go through before selecting takes.

While a some simple videos can be edited in only 6 hours, a more complex video can require 40 hours and up to edit. The process also includes logging, tagging, color correction, sound correction, mixing and compression.

As you can see, it’s hard to predict exactly how long a professional video could take. We’ve worked with many companies creating both simple and complex videos, which required different levels of editing. I’d be happy to share them with you, along with some of our success stories. I’d also be happy to provide you with a cost estimate, with no obligation of course! Visit our Professional Editing Services page or check out our editing demo below. Then click on this button: