Nearly all businesses have the basic essentials to promote themselves: a website, a brochure, a Facebook page, business cards. Yet many do not have a promotional video about their business. Yet study after study shows that humans are visual creatures. They show that we're more likely to retain information that we've seen and heard, as opposed to just reading. Because of this (and more), video can increase sales.

As a small business ourselves, we realize that time and resources are limited. There is only so much one can do. This means that, when considering various marketing activities and elements, a small business owner has to identify which elements get the most bang for the buck. What we have learned from experience is that one of the best investments a business can make is a promotional video.

Video can be more effective than print for sales and marketing.

Consider this: For the cost of a display ad in a magazine or a website banner, you can have a 3- to a 5-minute video produced that shows your image, your goods or services, and the benefits of choosing you over your competitors. You have complete control over what people hear and see when they're learning about you.

With a print ad, people make an immediate conclusion and rarely look back at it. Also, the shelf life of that expensive ad is only a month, maybe a few months. Magazines quickly become dated, and of course newspapers – even quicker to be tossed.

A video is "an ad that keeps on giving." It casts you in a positive light, promoting your good image. It makes you or your company seem approachable and personable. It shows that you, your product and company are successful. It engages people. It keeps them on your website longer, or entertains and informs them while they wait to meet with you. It can be displayed in various places and viewed over and over again.

Video is an extremely effective marketing tool when utilized to its full capability. Of course, you can have a video about a certain program or product, a special event or offer, or an overview video. It is entirely up to what you most want to promote.

Potential Effective Uses of Video to Gain Inquiries and Sales:

  • Have the video on your website for people to view
  • Share the video on Facebook and youtube
  • Send the video to prospects/potential customers
  • Play the video in your retail establishment or reception area/waiting room
  • Run the video on a loop at tradeshows and expos
  • Show the video in meetings, at conferences, on your laptop or a big screen

Once you have a video for your business, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Here's what website videos can do for sales:

Video can be used to make a strong call to action or enforce an offer, making the viewer more likely to respond. Your video will relay your most important points much more effectively than text and pictures. (Stock photos? How effective can those be?). This can make the call to action more likely to work.

Video allows you to get your sales message (your pitch) just right, and has the added benefit of being capable of stirring emotion in the viewer, far more than text on a website can. It provides a “personal touch” that no print, online, or radio advertisement can. The viewer feels like they know you, and that's halfway there to trusting you. Trust is one of the most important accomplishments to achieve with customers.

Now consider that VIDEO IS SHAREABLE - That's a cost-effective sales tool.

I can watch your video, like your product, like what you have to say, and send the link to my friend and say, “Watch this. I like this company.” That is priceless. And that type of referral is much more likely to happen with video than without.

A Web Video can improve your website's SEO.

This is a huge perk. Having a video on your web page can radically increase page ranking on Google, and can also increase the length of time a viewer stays on your page. Of course this can all turn into higher conversions and sales numbers for you. For information on how to improve your site's ranking, including info on the impact of video, check out the following article.


Making a short promotional video for your business is an investment in your marketing that can totally pay off. The potential to increase your sales is massive.

Greg Ball, President of Ball Media - Studio designer & builderAbout the Author & His Company: Greg Ball, is President of Ball Media Innovations, Inc. Prior to starting the company, he ran the Burger King World Headquarters video operation. He worked closely with their sales, public relations and marketing departments to create marketing videos. Visit here to read more about our marketing video production services.

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