Businesses, are you looking for information on how to edit a video for YouTube?

Many companies and organizations are busy creating video content for their websites. That’s a smart move because video content helps to boost rankings on Google and other search engines. But now they’re finding that there’s an even larger audience watching their content on a different platform: YouTube.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as YouTube is the world’s second-most visited website. We’re talking 14 billion monthly visits, which comes in right behind Google (which happens to own YouTube).  81% of people who use the Internet have used YouTube, and visitors are spending an average of 19 minutes a day on YouTube. Whether it’s for entertainment or educational purposes, people love to watch videos.

Businesses are now warming up to the idea that YouTube is the place to be seen. In fact, 62% of businesses use YouTube as a channel to post their video content. That puts YouTube right behind Facebook as a place to showcase their videos. And it’s gaining in importance every single day.

Video Editing: How to Edit a Video for YouTube

Editor editing a video for YouTube With such a massive audience, it’s become imperative for videos appearing on YouTube to be of high quality. The last thing a business or organization wants is to attract an audience and then show a video that’s less than stellar quality. Everything you put into building your brand, and your reputation should be duplicated on your YouTube videos.

Ok, so how do you edit a video for YouTube? Start by thinking that any video that has your name on it should show your brand in the best possible light. It doesn’t matter if the video is a commercial, a “how-to” video or a testimonial, it needs to reflect quality.

Many first-time YouTube users think they can simply shoot some video footage on a smartphone. Then, they’ll add a few out-of-the-box gimmicky special effects downloaded from the Internet and think their video is ready to upload for viewing. That might have worked years ago, but not today. You’re now competing with all the top brands in every single category and your video can’t pale in comparison to others. Viewers will simply click off.

How to Edit a Video for YouTube: Using Professional Editors

Whether you’re planning to show the video during the Super Bowl as a national commercial or simply putting it on your website or YouTube channel, the same thought and effort should go into editing that video. Today’s viewers are sophisticated enough to recognize mediocre videos and will move on to view something else if they’re forced to watch a video that doesn’t capture their attention.

Here’s something else to consider when you’re wondering how to edit a video for YouTube: you only have about 8 seconds to engage your viewer. Just 8 seconds and they’ll either be watching your video or clicking off to view something else. This was based on a Microsoft survey of media consumption in Canada, and it was down from 12 seconds that was uncovered in a similar 2000 survey. That’s why it’s critical that your video is professionally shot and edited to capture the viewers’ attention.

When it comes to video editing, how do you edit a video for YouTube? You do it the same way you would edit a video for any other purpose. That could be an advertising commercial, website video content or any other form of video. You do it professionally. At Ball Media Innovations, we’ve created a wide range of videos for use on YouTube, as well as on websites and for broadcast commercials. I invite you to view our work.

How to Edit a Video for YouTube: Benefits of Professional Editing

Ok, so what does a professional video editor do that makes his or her videos look so good?  First, an experienced video editor understands pacing and transitions from one scene to another. Most importantly they've developed a storytelling ability. This is something most people overlook, but it’s critical to have a professional editor available to shape and finalize the story you want to tell.

video editing screens for YouTube video Experienced video editors also have professional equipment to work with. That means that video that is shot professionally will be edited professionally, with no loss of quality in visuals or sound. They can determine which is the best take of a specific scene and can find a unique way to edit out bad takes if needed. They can also use their equipment to color correct each scene, so the visuals all look as if they were shot at the same time. This eliminates color shifts that would detract from the various scenes.

Sound quality is critical to a finished video, so a lot of attention is placed on removing extraneous noises like coughing or a piece of furniture squeaking on a floor during a take. They have soundboards to equalize and balance all levels of sound, including speaking and props and equipment that is used in the actual production.

Music is another key element of editing a video for YouTube. Music helps to set the proper mood and tone of the video. It also provides emotional enhancements for the viewer. There are also graphics to place on the video - everything from type on screen to icons and infographics that help to enhance the visual content of the video. All of these elements work together to create a video that not only captures a viewer’s attention, they help to keep the viewer locked in to watching the video.

Video Editing: A Comprehensive Process

Video editing is a comprehensive process. So much goes into producing a video on the front end that editing is often an afterthought. There’s casting, scripting, location scouting, talent selection, rehearsing - the list goes on and on. Another key area of production is lighting, which can take a substantial amount of time before the camera even begins to roll.

But editing is where the vision comes together. In addition to a script, there is often a storyboard - a visual journey - of what the video may reveal when it’s edited. This is guide for the professional editor who will take the initial concept and add his or her stamp to the production.

It’s a Wrap!

As you can see, there are many different elements that go into editing a YouTube video. In terms of cost, a simple 3-minute video can take anywhere from 5 to 8 hours to edit. A complex video can take many additional hours or even days, working on things such as pacing the video, color correcting the footage, adding music, special effects and other elements to enhance the production.

I would be happy to discuss this with you and share some YouTube videos with you that we’ve created and edited. I can also provide you with an estimate - with no obligation, of course!  Call me, or click on the link below and I’ll get in touch.