By Greg Ball, President of BMI

Finding ways to bring in new clients can be a constant challenge in creativity and strategy. But consider this:

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Where are your potential clients waiting for you? The web is the new TV. YouTube consistently ranks among the top 5 most searched and visited sites on the internet, usually second only to Google or Facebook. In order for your business, large or small, to resonate with clients and potential clients, start leveraging the power and the reach of online video as a major part of your overall marketing and branding strategy.

Here’s the thing. If the internet is the new TV, and if you really want to create the most effective and engaging marketing videos, try thinking less like a “marketer” and more like a broadcaster. That means you’ll want to create videos that not only are informative about your brand but are also entertaining to watch. This is something that many people making their first leap into online video marketing miss, so their budget is not used as effectively as it could be.

When creating online marketing videos, a television program director develops content based on what their audiences crave. You’ll need to do the same, so you’ll need to understand your audience’s hot buttons before you can make video work for your business. You’re more likely to have a great return on investment if you first know what your audience likes, and what they find entertaining.

Once you stop to consider what your target market really wants to see, hear, and experience from your brand, you can then develop an editorial strategy and content style tailored to their desires, just like traditional broadcasters have always done.

The bottom line is, there really isn't anything “new” about succeeding via video and “new media.” It is as it has always been -- all about consumer engagement! What is different, however, is the phenomena of “likes and shares.”

Share and Share “A Like”

Today, using video to grow your business is all about “spreading the word.” That means getting viewers to do that for you through shares. Research has shown that viewers are far more likely to watch and stick through to the end of a video if it was shared with them by a friend, rather than one they came across themselves on the web.

Also, people first and foremost will share something that makes them laugh. But humor is only one emotion. Anything that touches your viewer on an emotional level will more likely be shared.

Consider that when someone shares a video, they’re telling the person they share it with something personal about themselves. They’re revealing they “like this” and I think you will “like it” too. So your branded content must be something that the viewer would be happy to be associated with.

And of course, the video must inform. People love to learn new things, and when they do, they are very anxious to share what they learned with others.

Video on the Go!

Using video to grow your business is also no longer restricted to the desktop computer. The use of Web-enabled mobile devices - smartphones and tablets - has exploded, not only for personal, but for professional use. This has opened up a whole new world of “on the go” possibilities when it comes to viewing your video content.

A recent study conducted by mobile communications giant Ericsson revealed that 72% of consumers use mobile devices at least weekly for video viewing, and of those, 42% do so away from home. What's even more interesting is that the same study found that this mobile video streaming is no longer restricted to the young. So-called “late adopters” of mobile technology, are embracing this tech as well. According to the Ericsson report as many as 41% of 65-69 year-olds surveyed stream on-demand/time-shifted TV and video content, including YouTube, more than once a week!

All of this means you have an amazing opportunity to reach your audience with your branded entertainment, not only in their homes, but where they work, play, and even while shopping in the very stores that may carry your product!

Everything Old is New Again.

So, despite new media and emerging platforms, all that’s really changed (and for the better I think) is the number of people and the places you can reach with video. To take advantage of this, more than needing your video to be new and edgy, you’ll want it to be designed to deliver your branding message in a way that will be “sharable”. With this in mind, the potential for success and a huge return on your investment is huge!

Greg Ball, President of Ball Media - video production; builderAbout the Author & His Company: Greg Ball, is President of Ball Media Innovations, Inc. Prior to starting the company, he ran the Burger King World Headquarters video operation. Greg founded Ball Media as a Miami video production company in 2002. He eventually expanded services to also become an Orlando video production company. Greg directs shows in both locations, as well as nationally, with crews throughout the country.

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