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Medical Video Production Tips

Successfully Using Video for Medical Purposes For Health and Medical Communications!

Did you know that according to a report presented by a Bioinformatics, entitled Advertising to Life Scientists, nearly 80% of the scientists and clinicians say they preferred to learn about new products and techniques via video?

That means doctors, scientists, and other healthcare professionals are increasingly seeing the value of using video to communicate, just like many other businesses and industries. However, the areas where healthcare professionals can use video are, in fact, broader than almost any other business.

Doctors and other healthcare facilities are leveraging the power of video for everything from patient education to remote video training. Here are just a few ways medical facilities are or could be, using video.

Using Video for Improved Patient Care and Outcomes

There are several ways that video is being used to help doctors and healthcare facilities treat patients better.

  • Improved Emergency Care – There is an accident. On the way to the hospital, paramedics in the back of the ambulance provide a live video connection to the Trauma Center, allowing doctors to get a much clearer picture of the extent of the patient’s injuries before he or she even gets to the ER. The time-savings that these on-the-scene videos have created have literally meant the difference between life and death in some cases.
  • Telemedicine for Better Diagnostics and Compliance - The ability to share medical information between the patient and his or her doctor or medical professional, visually using digitized video via a Smartphone or computer, is enabling doctors to more accurately diagnose and treat patients no matter where they are, or how busy the physician is. Using live interactive video doctors can also make sure that patients who are at home recuperating are keeping up with their medications, and complying with all post-procedure instructions.
  • Video for Medical Education - Continuing Medical Education (CME) – Anyone who has watched any medical drama on TV knows how much information first-year residents have to absorb. And it does not stop there. Doctors constantly need to be trained on new techniques to improve patient care. In fact, to keep their medical licenses, doctors must complete a certain amount of CME credits every year. Video is allowing them to do so much more easily and efficiently.
  • Waiting Room Video for Patient Education – Many medical practices are seeing the value of explaining everything from dental procedures to more complicated surgeries on video monitors in their facility waiting room. Better informed patients simply make better patients.
  • Other On-Site Video Uses – Like most other business today, healthcare institutions are finding video has great value beyond only demonstrating new procedures to physicians and staff. Video is being used to provide policy updates, train on issues of complex healthcare compliance and regulation issues, and otherwise share any knowledge relevant to their physicians and staff, to improve the patient experience.

Using Video to Grow Your Practice or Market Your Healthcare Facility

Like most other businesses today, the health and medical industry are also realizing how effective video for medical marketing can be. Today, doctors and every kind of healthcare facility need to look at users less like patients, and more like consumers of medical services. In order to add patients and grow your business or practice, patients need to marketed to.

A short, simple, professionally scripted and produced video is highly effective in developing “your brand”. It can also convey your message. And not only to a few potential new patients but hundreds, maybe even thousands. By using Search Optimized Video streamed on your website, you will be able to connect with patients like never before.

Video is especially effective in the medical arena. In part, that's because patients tend to feel a lack of connection or ability to communicate with their doctors. Video puts a face on your practice and gets your patients to know you. Especially before they come into the office for the first time.

Some of the key benefits of video marketing in healthcare:

  • Medical video is a very efficient way to communicate your brand message and core values to new and existing patients
  • Medical videos can be very cost-effective when compared to other marketing solutions
  • Medical videos have various distribution channels for wide exposure
  • Medical videos can help to drive/improve traffic to your website
  • Medical video can increase patient referrals

Patients want more than just a pill from their doctors today. They want information on lifestyle and healthy choices. But few if any physicians have the time to give that to them. Health tip videos on your website are a great way to keep patients engaged and empowered to take ownership of their healthcare. But, more than that, great medical video content will set you apart from your competitors and help to establish your practice as experts in your specialty.

Video for Medical Communications Bottom Line

The bottom line is, today a medical practice, or healthcare facility of any size is a business. And like any business, in order to succeed, it faces the same challenges of gaining and keep good clients, providing customers with ideal service and great experiences, and developing a positive brand identity.

To get ahead and stay ahead, a video may be just what the doctor ordered!

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