Onsite video production services

During this period where everyone is impacted by COVID-19, we're here to serve you.  We currently have crews that can do live shoots onsite in the Orlando and South Florida areas. We use a variety of techniques to increase safety during Covid. Our Fort Lauderdale video production company is here to serve you.

Remote video services

We many options that can be handled 100% remotely, and require you to have no physical contact with anyone. We can create videos with:

  • Your still images or video clips
  • Stock images or stock video clips
  • Background music
  • Graphics
  • Words on the screen
  • Titles
  • Voice over narration
  • Animation
  • Explainer Videos

Want to shoot your own videos from home? We can help.

Because of COVID-19, some clients are shooting videos from their homes. We are now helping our clients shoot professional looking videos from home using their phone cameras.
We'd love to work with you. We can help you in a variety of ways. For example, we can coach you on things like:
  • How to set-up your phone/camera to get the most professional look.
  • How to get better sound quality inexpensively.
  • The best lighting & background options.
  • How to get your best performance.
Once you're done on your end, we can then edit your video to get your best takes and to make it flow smoothly. We can also increase the professional appearance by adjusting the brightness, colors, etc. We can also add things like:
  • Background music
  • Graphics
  • Titles
  • Your still images or video clips
  • Stock images or stock video clips
  • Animations
We can also create a YouTube channel for you.

Video & film translation is also available!

Since travel is pretty much non-existent right now, we can translate your videos into almost any language so you can keep in touch worldwide.

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