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Making Social Media Videos For Business? Teaching Videos Can Effectively Attract Viewers!

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As discussed in part one, videos used on social media is a potentially powerful tool when done right. They can drive in new customers, increase awareness of your company, and literally change your bottom line. I'll dive into some tips that can help you create and launch successful social media videos.

Your social media videos need to grab your target market's attention!

It all boils down to the long-known model in Marketing communications referred to as AIDA. In case you are not aware of this, AIDA stands for "Attention, Interest, Desire, Action".  Attention is where it all starts. After all, you can't sell if you don't get their attention. If you get their attention you can:

  • Share your products and services
  • Mold the viewers' impression of your company image
  • Create a positive connection between your company and the viewers
  • Move your viewers to action

So what kind of social media videos will grab your target market's attention? Let's talk about one of the most popular types of videos out there, which can be very effective when done right:

Teaching videos for social media can really appeal to viewers

If you can teach a skill that your target market needs or wants to learn about, you're going to get their attention. If the skill relates to your company, product, or services, you're golden. It's a great way to grab and keep their attention and promote and inform at the same time.

Also consider this. In our Fort Lauderdale video production company, we find that when our clients do a good job of teaching, they're taking on the credibility that goes with being an expert. This can contribute to their company image.

So for example, we created a series of customer teaching videos for 1-800-PetMeds that taught about common pet ailments. The videos were short but informative, and they each featured the appropriate pet medications and products at the end.

Not only do these videos grab the attention of those who have pets with these issues, but pet owners will actually search for these videos on sites like YouTube. Check out one of these videos:

The need for information is something that smart marketers can tap into and make use of, while truly helping their customers out.

Below I'll share a video from Starbucks on how to make cold brew. This way of making coffee has become really popular lately. Starbucks saw an opportunity and was smart to take advantage of their target market's need to learn the best way to prepare cold brew. This informative video is professionally created, high energy, and visually attractive. It uses product placement as a marketing tool by featuring various types of Starbucks coffees.

Customer training videos can be placed on Social Media, on YouTube, on your website, in emails, etc.

If you produce a video that teaches about something your target market really needs or wants to know about, they'll be so much more likely to view it. This can really help drive sales. Many doctors know how to tap into this.

There are a ton of doctors producing teaching videos successfully!

Many of these feature the doctor on camera, helping to give the doctor credibility. They also help potential patients feel as if they know the doctor. The familiarity can help create comfort with the doctor, making the viewer more likely to call and make an appointment. This same concept can work for many non-medical businesses as well.

So good quality teaching videos can attract new customers!

They can grab and keep your target market's attention, make you, your company, or your company's spokesperson the expert, and provide an opportunity to sell. Don't forget to give a call to action at the end like the three videos above. You can suggest various actions to your viewers such as visiting your website, making a purchase, or making a call.

In future articles we'll share more tips for producing social media videos that work, so check back.

In the meantime, we'd love to help you with your social media and website videos!

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