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#1 Miami Video Production Company

Videos For Businesses, Conferences, Trade Shows & Medical Organizations

Since 2002, we've been serving businesses and organizations of all sizes from small local Florida businesses to Fortune 500 companies and international corporations. Ball Media is the #1 video production company for the corporate and medical communities.


We strategize to create effective videos for your business or practice. 

We are the ONLY video production company from Miami to Orlando with people who have extensive marketing and training experience and education. Plus, we offer highly experienced medical focused crews and live event crews

We create videos that effectively sell, teach, inspire, inform, build trust, drive traffic, etc.

High quality and affordable. Locally we serve Miami,  Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, South Florida & Orlando. In addition, nationally we offer editing, animation, translation and dubbing, and video studio design and building services. 


Ball Media Innovations is a full-service video production agency serving Miami, Fort Lauderdale & Orlando.

Marketing videos - Now Playing Marketing Videos

We specialize in creating videos that persuade, and allow your products & services to stand out.

Social Media videos Social Media & Web Videos

Our web videos can bring your website up to a new level. And they can help you convert on social media.

Editing Services Editing Services

We'll edit your footage, our footage and/or stock footage into a compelling video that tells your story.

Medical videography Medical Videography

Our team is highly experienced working with the medical community. Marketing, training & surgery videos.

Training video production in Miami Training Videos

We're the only company to our knowledge with education in training techniques for video.

convention conference and trade shows Event Videos

Experienced crews will tape your conference, convention or trade show with all its speakers and events.

testimonial video production Miami

Animated Explainers

We offer fun and effective animated explainer videos using business savvy American based artists.

Manufacturing Videos

We can create great videos that show your plant processes, news, products, and your people .

translation & Dubbing Translation & Dubbing

We offer expert video and film translation, dubbing and subtitles in almost any language.

testimonial video production services in Miami Florida Testimonial Videos

We're known for the ability to get great sound bites from interviewees and for making them feel comfortable.

Virtual Meeting Management Virtual Meetings

Virtual meeting management - We'll handle every aspect of your virtual meeting so that it goes smoothly.

Manufacturing videos in Miami Florida Food Industry Videos

We're highly experienced with restaurant and food manufacturing video production.

High Quality & Affordable!

We work within your budget. And we use only highly experienced crews, USA based artists and technicians. All this while giving you outstanding service.

We do it all for you including concept creation, writing, producing, shooting, editing, casting, storyboards, 2-D animation, 3-D animation, voice over talent, and film or video translation (dubbing, subtitles).

If you're looking for live event video services, we have outstanding crews. We also offer full service video studio design and building services.

How Do We Work?

Best Miami video production company Services also in OrlandoFirst, we will learn about your goals. Next, if it's a marketing or training video we'll study your brand, products, services & target market. Afterward, we'll devise a plan to create quality videos that drive in great results for you. Are you unsure about what you need? We're happy to advise you based on your budget, your audience, and the ultimate goal of your video.

Our Video Production Clients Consistently Rave About Us!

Our Miami Video Production Company consistently earns high praise from happy clients. They've included small to large businesses. This includes everything from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and the medical industry. We'll give our all to make sure you're happy!

  • "Ball Media Innovations is a first-class company that has the 'we will do what it takes to be sure you are pleased' philosophy that is unfortunately rare to find these days... they are first-class professionals. Every product has been of the highest quality. I feel extremely comfortable recommending Ball Media..."

  • "The professionalism they showed was unsurpassed. They were a delightful group of people to do business with. Ball Media far exceeded my expectations in all areas... They made me feel at ease, did everything professionally, and without any stress or attitude... I look forward to doing future media projects with Ball Media."

  • "Greg and his team deliver a superior product at a value that can't be matched. Greg far exceeded my expectations with his professionalism and talent... He was able to pick up the project with little instruction and delivered exactly what we needed... I highly recommend Greg and Ball Media Innovations..."

With us you get competitive rates!

Quality, value, and service-wise we give you so much more than our competition. As the saying goes, you usually get what you pay for. With us, You get MORE than you pay for and you’ll get the most bang for your buck!

You want outstanding corporate videos that communicate the right messages and affect attitudes. You'll also want this for a reasonable price. You’ve come to the right place. Our Miami video production company will help you reach your goals while staying within your budget!

Best Miami video production company

What Makes Us Your Best Miami Video Production Company? 

What makes Ball Media Innovations the Best Miami Video Production Company for Businesses, Corporations, and Medical Organizations?

First, Ball Media is #1 because of our ability to strategize. We plan your videos for success!

We don't just point and click! A great video takes more than pushing the record button and yelling "action!" It takes an innate ability to understand complex ideas. Plus you must be able to translate them into an effective video. In other words they must help clients reach their goals.

At Ball Media Innovations, we're knowledgeable when it comes to effective marketing, training and public relations techniques for video. You'll experience a difference in the process. This means that you’ll be able to take advantage of our in-depth knowledge and experience. We’re uniquely qualified to analyze your needs. And we can strategize a plan to create videos you’ll be super happy with.

Most of all, you'll also see a difference in your videos. Our clients return because their videos work!

With Ball Media you'll get consistent, outstanding quality.

Trust our Miami video production company Most other Miami video production companies do things to cut their costs. This is so they can pocket more money. They use inexperienced crew members, out of country artists, etc. This can really decrease your video quality and slow down the process. It can be a frustrating experience. Whether you need an event video or a business video, we bring you the best.

At Ball Media Innovations, we'd rather make less profit than give you lower quality. We only use A-List crew members and top USA based artists. The one exception to using USA based artists is when we're translating your video. Then we use authentic in-country translation teams.

Still, we do things to cut your costs! Our goal is to give you great quality at affordable prices.

With Ball Media you'll get consistently great service.

According to our clients, this is unique among Miami video production companies. Our mission is to give you a great experience. How do we do that? We give easy access to our people, quick responses, and personal, polite service. You'll experience consistent above and beyond service throughout the entire process. And we keep our commitments. Many of our clients tell us that this kind of service is hard to come by in Florida. See more of what one of our clients said:

Types of Videos We Create For Companies, Corporations & Practices

Our Miami video production company serves businesses of all sizes as well as medical practices and organizations. Whatever your goals are for your video, we'll  be happy to help you to reach them. We can help you determine how to reach, convert and/or teach your target market effectively with your videos. Our goal is to help your business grow and succeed. Get involved in the process as much or as little as you'd like.

Are you looking for an event video (for conferences, conventions, trade shows or meetings)? If so, our goals are to give you a great video and a great experience. Here are some of the types of video we are known for. Check out the pages for details on our Miami video production company services.