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    Who We Are Miami video production company

    Ball Media Innovations is the ONLY Video Production company from Miami to Orlando with extensive B2B experience that brings you quality video solutions, with a creative, strategic approach designed to bring you great results. We do this all while staying within your budget.

    We help our clients build their brands, train their employees, market their product and services, and communicate effectively on a local and global basis. We’re known for being outstanding team players on the leading edge of the business video industry. Our goal is to develop long-lasting relationships, so our success depends on yours.


    Video production services from Miami to Orlando. We serve small businesses, international corporations, and organizations of all sizes. When you hire us, you’ll receive great video production services for:

    Marketing Miami video production companies specialties asterisk Public Relations Training Miami video production companies specialties asterisk Conventions, Conferences, Meetings Miami video production companies specialties asterisk Trade Shows

    Medical Videography Miami video production companies specialties asterisk Website Videos Miami video production companies specialties asterisk Manufacturing Videos Miami video production companies specialties asterisk Food Industry Videos Miami video production companies specialties asterisk Product Demos

    Live Events Miami video production companies specialties asterisk Biographies & Tributes Miami video production companies specialties asterisk Testimonials Miami video production companies specialties asterisk Social Media Videos Miami video production companies specialties asterisk ...and more.

    Miami video production companies reviewed stars

    Miami video production companies 5 star review

    "The quality and timeliness of their work has been incredible. I would definitely recommend Ball Media Innovations for anything video related. From marketing videos to training videos these guys have a really good understanding of your needs and expectations. Elite is extremely glad we chose Ball Media to do this work for us."

    Elan Zadok Miami video production client testimonial

    Elan Zadok, Marketing Director
    Elite Aluminum Corporation

    Miami video production companies 5 star review

    “...What initially set our focus on Ball was the cost-effectiveness of their proposal, but upon talking to Greg, I was immediately impressed by his knowledgeability in the field and his professional, personable manner.

    From the beginning, he was always ready to explain technical issues, present the advantages and disadvantages of various methods, and respond to our concerns. He made an effort to learn exactly what we needed and what was important to us, and then came up with several options for how he could meet those needs. Over the course of the project, he demonstrated numerous times his commitment to quality and professionalism, often going the extra mile to solve problems. I really appreciate how Greg took ownership of the project, and it shows in the finished product. We are very happy with the quality of the video he produced for us."

    Molly Davis Miami video production testimonial

    Molly Davis
    Product Development Manager
    Active Parenting Publishers

    Miami video production companies 5 star review

    "The Inquesta Corporation, Watch House International and the Florida Division of Emergency Management, the final client for this endeavor, were all extremely pleased with the performance and value that Ball Media Innovations provided to our project. They were a pleasure to work with, and they are effective in their profession. I highly recommend this company."

    Courtney's testimonial

    Jacques R. Island
    Inquesta Corporation

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    What Makes BMI the Best Choice for Your Miami Video Production Company?

    Among Miami video production companies, Ball Media Innovations is the only company we know of where its people have in-depth business education and real world experience, including marketing, PR, and training. We know how to apply it to create highly effective videos for you. And if you're looking for video at a live event, we have the very best crews in the area.

    With all the video production companies here in Miami and in South Florida, the following will help you decide if Ball Media Innovations is the right company for you.

    9 Situations Where Ball Media Innovations is the Best Choice as Your Miami Video Production Company:

    1. Your Video is For Business purposes.

    To our knowledge there is no Miami video production company that comes close to offering the business experience and knowledge we bring to our clients. We work with our clients to create strategy focused, creative videos that get results.

    Plus our crews know how to work well within corporate, retail, manufacturing and business environments. You'll see the difference in your videos and in your experiences.

    Miami video production company retail shoot

    2. Your Video is For Marketing or Public Relations Purposes.

    When you hire BMI, Greg Ball, President of Ball Media Innovations, brings you the benefit of his extensive experience producing successful videos for marketing and PR purposes. He's known for his creativity, but he's also uniquely qualified to help you with your marketing videos because of his background.

    His background includes the following:

    • Prior to founding BMI, he ran Burger King World Headquarters' worldwide video communications department, and worked extensively with the marketing department to create successful PR and marketing videos seen around the world.

    • He's designed and produced marketing videos for small businesses to large international corporations, non-profits, medical organizations, and everything in between.

    • He completed MBA level marketing courses.

    Read more about our marketing video production services here. All of this makes Ball Media the very best bet for PR and business related Miami video production services.

    3. Your Video is For Training Purposes.

    Restaurant Shoot with Miami Video Production Company In addition to the above, prior to founding BMI Greg worked closely with the training departments of Burger King Corporation and Phoenix Mutual. He participated in their Train the Trainer courses, and was often called upon by the training department to attend and critique new courses before they were released.

    He worked closely with the trainers to help design complete multimedia training programs, and he produced their training videos. Since founding BMI he's produced a wide variety of training videos on various subjects, and he can offer you the benefit of his video training knowledge.

    Visit our Training Video Production Services page for more information. You'll see why Ball Media is the very best choice for training related Miami video production services.

    4. Your Video is For Corporate Communications Purposes.

    This is another area that we have extensive experience with. When you need to inform and motivate your employees, we know how to help you do that with great results.

    Conference Miami video production company shoot

    5. You're Looking For Live Event Video Production Services.

    Our Miami crews are absolutely top notch and highly experienced. They're completely reliable and exceptionally capable when it comes to video for live events such as conferences, conventions, meetings and concerts. We produce a lot of this, and we know the venues in Miami and South Florida. You'll see a difference in the quality of your videos.

    Visit our Miami Video Production for Live Events, Conferences and Conventions services page to learn more about our services and what makes BMI your best choice for Miami video production services.

    6. You need a web video or social media video.

    We're the one Miami video production company that specializes in creating highly effective web and social media videos for marketing, PR or training. Consider that we have produced more of these than we can count, and check out our client testimonials. The proof is in our happy clients!

    We have the knowledge and experience to help make them effective. For details take a look at our Website and Social Media Video Production services page. You'll see why Ball Media is your best choice of Miami video production companies.

    video production company crew on the Miami water

    7. Your Video is Medically Oriented.

    No other company in Florida has the experience with medical videography that ours does. Read our Medical Video Production services page here. You'll see that we're miles ahead of any other Miami video production company when it comes to medical video experience and knowledge.

    8. You Want Excellent Service And a Pleasant Experience.

    Unfortunately we hear a lot of stories from our clients about their less than stellar experiences elsewhere. Our company policy and mission is to give our clients the best possible service and experience. Read our Customer Service Policies here. You'll see that we're unusually attentive, consistent, reliable and pleasant to work with. From what we hear from our clients, compared to other Miami video production companies there's no contest.

    9. You Want The Best Value For Your Money.

    Any Miami video production company can point a camera and cut a video. We go beyond. We give you great quality every time, and outstanding service with very competitive rates. Plus we're the one Miami video production company that has the skills to help you increase the effectiveness of your videos.

    So What Should You Do Next?

    If you're looking for production companies in South Florida, please give us a call now. We'd be happy to talk with you about your project, give you some ideas, and a free quote. There's no obligation to you.

    Contact Us for a Free Consultation Today!

    Use the Request a Quote form at the top of the page, or call:

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    (866) 570-8612 (toll free in the U.S.)

    or email: info@ballmediainnovations.com

    Call our Miami video production company today. There's no risk and no obligation to you. Looking for Video production Miami? We would love the opportunity to discuss it with you.

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