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Video marketing is booming in 2021!

Video is being used more than ever by savvy businesses to reach and convert new customers. In our Florida video production company that serves Miami to Orlando, we're seeing a surge in video production needs for the business community. In fact, statistics confirm this. For example, 82% of businesses plan to increase their video budgets this year, and 78% of marketers feel that the money they invest in videos is well worth it considering the return on investment.

So here are some ways that marketers are using video in 2021 to grow their businesses and increase sales.

1. Social Media Video is HUGE in 2021!

There has been an absolute explosion of video on social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin. Considering that the average person watches more than 1 1/2 hours of video online each and every day, this is a great opportunity for marketers.

The beauty of this strategy is that social media is a low-cost method of reaching and engaging potential customers. Consider that roughly 1/3 of the world's population is actively using Facebook alone! If you know what you're doing with social media marketing, you can connect with thousands or even hundreds of thousands without spending a dime. Combine that with the high level of engagement with videos on social media,  and the investment you make into producing videos becomes well worth it.

2. Website Videos are a Must in 2021

Web videos for Miami and Orlando are a must

Why are web videos a must in 2021? After all, it can be costly to have a video produced. There are many reasons why it's needed:

-  Video is good for SEO. Having a video on your website can help it rank higher in the search engines. That means you'll get more web traffic. Videos keep people on your website page longer, and the search engines notice this.

- Videos are more compelling than text alone. Susan WeinSchenk Ph.D. gives four reasons for this. First, people tend to pay attention to faces. Second, the voice alone can convey rich information to the person watching the video. Third, emotions are contagious and this means you can influence your viewer more effectively. Fourth, movement grabs the viewer's attention.

All in all, this means that video allows you to retain the website visitor's attention and to move them to action once you have their attention.

- Videos sell products more frequently than words and images alone. According to a study by Treepodia, when you post a video on a product page, the item sells more frequently. Amazingly, in the same study, this was found to be true even true if the website visitor doesn't watch the video!

I'd speculate that there's something about having video on a product page that increases the viewers' trust and desire for the product. Consider the storage and organization retailer (now, who reports that visitors to their website are 144% more likely to buy if they've seen a product marketing video.

One important note about the Treepodia study. Although sales went up even if the videos were not watched, those who watched the video were more likely to buy than those who didn't watch. So clearly, video has a positive impact on sales, which may be why so many marketers are putting them on their websites.

- Your competition is adding video. This will give them a competitive edge! And if they're not adding video, it's smart for you to get the competitive edge first.

There are many other reasons to use website videos and so many other statistics that support their use. However, they're too numerous to list here. Suffice it to say that website videos have become a necessity for a good overall marketing plan.

3. Videos are Being Placed on YouTube by Businesses in 2021.

youtube video production miami orlando floridaThere are a couple of compelling reasons to create and place your videos on YouTube.

First, it's another way to reach your target audience.  YouTube has over 1.5 billion active users each month! That's mind-blowing. This means that if you play your cards right, at no cost to you, you can attract customers and send them to your website or have them call you. What could be better than that!

Second, Google owns Youtube. Since Google is the number 1, king of the world, biggest and baddest search engine out there, having a video on Youtube can help your business. Google indexes Youtube videos, so when someone is searching for a particular search term on Google, with proper planning your video can be shown. You can use your YouTube videos to drive traffic to your website.

Also, Youtube is the second largest search engine, next to Google. People search for products and services on Youtube. If you're not on there, you're missing out on a lot of potential business.

4. Branding Strategy Videos Are Being Used by Marketers in 2021.

Brand building video production companyThere's no better way to distinguish your business and set yourself apart from your competitors than to create a video that shows what makes your business unique. A good branding video can stir the viewers' emotions and create goodwill towards your company, its products, and services.

We have a lot of clients who have used videos for this purpose. Some of the things often used in branding videos are:

  • Client testimonials
  • Company tours
  • The story of the company's history

Just showing what makes you different can help move sales in the right direction. Even doctors and medical practices are using branding videos to distinguish themselves.

5. Email Marketing with Video is Growing in 2021.

email videos work for marketing miami orlando


Why is it growing?

Email marketing itself is a powerful and relatively inexpensive way to obtain, engage, and convert new customers. Its use is growing in leaps and bounds with the new technology being made available, such as programs that allow you to embed a video right into the email like

When you add video to a marketing email, it can radically increase your results.

According to BombBomb, a company with a platform that allows you to embed videos in your emails, 81% of emails that have a video get more replies, and a full 68% convert more leads. Having a video in your email gives you a tremendous advantage!

6. Testimonial Videos are being Used in a Variety of Places in 2021.

Miami testimonial video production worksThere's nothing quite as effective as a good, heartfelt video testimonial to persuade customers to try your products or services. The marketing company Skyword says that this has something to do with the concepts of social proof, crowd psychology, and mob mentality. They quote a study that shows that testimonials tend to be twice as effective as case studies.

Testimonials can be used in a variety of ways:

  • In E-mail marketing
  • On your website
  • On YouTube
  • On social media
  • On video advertisements (online and on TV)
  • And the list goes on...

7. Paid Advertising Videos are Being Widely Used in 2021.

With the massive user numbers on places like Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube, marketers can oftenPaid Advertising video production miami Florida bypass expensive television and print ads. However it can take time to develop a following on these sites, so paid video ads can be a part of a good comprehensive marketing strategy to reach potential clients quickly.

The ability to reach your specific target market on the various social media sites and on YouTube is incredible, and paid video ads can even be placed on targeted websites. There are also pay per click opportunities such as on Google Adwords.

8. Trade Show Videos are Commonly Used in 2021.

trade show video production miami FloridaYou're in a big room with a lot of other vendors, so how do you get your potential customers to stop, learn, and buy? A video used at a trade show can be an amazing tool. Above we discussed why video is far more effective and engaging than print alone. The same principles apply here.

A great trade show video can stop a potential buyer in their tracks. It can grab their attention. Once you've got someone watching, you can begin to engage them, teach them, persuade them. You can explain your business, service, and products to them, and give them a call to action.  A trade show video can answer all of the commonly asked questions, freeing up your staff to focus on the next steps of converting the viewer.

Here's one example. We made a trade show video for a large construction company, and in the video, they used a bulldozer to crash into a home they built to show that the building process they use is practically indestructible. In the video, we purposely left the volume of the crash as loud as it could go. At the trade show, they kept the volume up high. The crashing noise was an immediate attention grabber, and trade show attendees gathered around the booth to see what was causing the noise. Success! Large numbers of people watched the video and engaged with the sales team.

9. 360° videos are being used in 2021.

360 degree video production miamiThis technology is amazing for use at trade shows or at point of sales locations. It allows the viewer to use special goggles to see all around them. Viewers get to have a real experience if it's done well.

We recently created a series of 360° videos for a client who sells elevators, for use at a trade show. One of the videos was a kind of a thrill experience with the elevator bottom dropping out! It drew a ton of attention to their booth and was a highly successful tool.

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